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Upper Division Admission Requirements

Admission to the upper division is competitive. Admission to the lower division does not guarantee admission to the upper division.

To be considered for admission, applicants must:

  1. Complete (or be in the process of completing the following before fall admission to the upper division) the required pre-professional (prerequisite) courses:
    • Written Communications* (6 hrs)
    • Oral Communications (3 hrs)
    • Intro. Psychology 201
    • Intro. Sociology 201 or 203
    • Intro. to Biology 102*
    • Intro. to Biology Lab 104*
    • Anatomy & Physiology I 260**
    • Anatomy & Physiology II 261**
    • Anatomy & Physiology Lab 262**
    • Chemistry 101 or 105**
    • Nutrition 303**
    • World History 101 or 102
    • Cultural Diversity (6hrs –3hrs must be CD1***)
    • Arts & Humanities (one in each)
    • Soc. & Beh. Sciences (3hrs at the 200-300 level)


* Must have a grade of “C” or better in these courses.

** Students must make a “C” or above in these courses and must have completed them no more than 5 years before Upper Division admission. Transfer credit for science courses taken prior to the last five years will be evaluated on an individual basis.

***CD1 = African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American ethnicities

TRANSFER STUDENTS can select to VIEW UofL Equivalent courses via the TRANSFER EQUIVALENCY SYSTEM.  You must select the your school to view equivalent courses.  If you are experiencing difficulty finding an equivalency, you may contact one of the transfer articulation specialist.

2.  Have earned a cumulative and pre-professional (prerequisite) program grade point average of 2.8 or higher.  The cumulative GPA for admission to upper level Dental Hygiene is calculated based on all course work completed at accredited post-secondary institutions.  The pre-professional program cumulative GPA is based on all required pre-professional curriculum course work.


3.  Non-UofL students should submit a University of Louisville Undergraduate Application.  Available online at:     You must also submit official ACT Scores and transcripts from any institutions attended.  Transfer students may evaluate transfer credit using the Transfer Equivalency System:  You may select to View UofL Course Equivalencies.  If you experience difficulties you my work with a Transfer Equivalent Specialist (

Current UofL students enrolled in a department other than Dental Hygiene (e.g. A&S, Nursing, etc.), should submit an online IUT (Intra-University Transfer) request.  It’s available online at:

Note that students in the Lower Division do NOT have to re-apply to the University or submit an IUT.



4.  Submit a Dental Hygiene Professional Application (PDF) .  Return the DH Professional Application to the Student Affairs Office in the School of Dentistry along with the following documents:

    • Submission of Official ACT/SAT Scores
    • unofficial transcript copies from all schools/universities attended

    • documentation of 12 hours dental work experience/observation

    • a personal statement stating why you wish to become a member of the dental hygiene profession.
    • The minimum technical standards for admission and matriculation with or without accommodation should be signed and submitted with your application.
    • Because command of the English language is essential for successful professional school study, applicants whose first language is not English, regardless of citizenship, must demonstrate their English proficiency by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).  Preference is given to candidates with a minimum score of 100 and with listening and speaking section scores at 26 or above. The instituiton code for submitting TOEFL scores to the U of L School of Dentistry is 5933. For more information about TOEFL testing, go to:
      • Students who have graduated from a high school in which English is the primary language and/or has completed a minimum of 30 credit hours in a fully accredited U. S. college or university qualify for a waiver of the TOEFL requirement


5.  Have  three letters of recommendation (LORs) submitted directly (from reference) to Office of Dental Student Affairs via e-mail or mail.  LOR's must include two (2) from instructors, one of whom must be science, and one (1) from a personal/work/community reference.  If sent via email, please send to the Dental Hygiene service account: .  The subject heading should read:

DHU LOR:  Last Name, First Name

Example:  DHU LOR:  Smith, Jane

Mailed DH Professional Applications and Letters of Recommendation may be sent to the following address:

ATTN:  DH Admissions

Office of Dental Student Affairs, RM 234

School of Dentistry

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY 40292


6.  To be considered for admission, applicants must comply with the Immunization Requirements for all Health Sciences Students.

Compliance with the Immunization Requirements for all Health Sciences Students is mandatory.  Immunizations requirements have been established to safeguard the health and well-being of patients, students and all health care workers and can be found at  :


Upper division application deadline is February 1.  The Committee on Admissions of the Dental Hygiene Program selects applicants for the Dental Hygiene Program. Students are admitted to the upper division in the fall term only.

Applicants will be informed of the decision of the Committee on Admissions and, if accepted, will be requested to send a $150 deposit and complete a background check (servicer information will be provided by School of Dentistry) to reserve a place in the class.  This amount will be applied as a credit toward the regular registration fee at the time of enrollment.  This sum will be forfeited in the event that the student should cancel the reservation in advance or fail to appear for enrollment.

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