Frequently Asked Questions

Call the ULSD Office of Admissions and Student Affairs at 502-852-5081 for additional assistance.

The lower division includes program prerequisite and general education courses for a Bachelors degree at UofL.

The upper division includes clinical and didactic coursework at the School of Dentistry to prepare graduates for licensure as Dental Hygienists.

Program prerequisites for the Dental Hygiene Program may be completed at any accredited institution. It is the student's responsibility to to verify that planned courses are transferable for specific program requirements.

January 15th each year - The admissions committee will only consider applications that are complete, including required transcripts and supplemental materials.

Yes, interviews are a component of the holistic admissions process to evaluate upper division applicants.

Those invited for interview will be notified by February, with initial admission decisions made beginning in late March.

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Yes. Students should make sure their FAFSA information is submitted to the UofL Financial Aid office.

The admissions process for the upper division program is selective and based on an evaluation of criteria provided in an applicant's DHCAS application. Preference may be given to applicants who have demonstrated the ability to carry a full time course load with strong performance in their science courses. Each year, 1-3 applications are submitted for each available space. Thirty qualified applicants are selected for admission to the upper division clinical program, which begins each fall term only.

The admissions committee asks that an applicant include a detailed explanation of the offense, misdemeanor or felony in your application. If you have concerns regarding a conviction, we suggest you contact the Board of Dentistry in the state(s) which you plan to seek licensure.

Falsifying any part of your application may result in cancellation of your application and/or rescinding of any admission offer.

Yes, provided that you are in the process of completing required prerequisite courses you may apply.

Yes, an application must be completed through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. It can be completed online at louisville.edu/admissions/apply. There is a fee for this application. In addition to applying, ALL transcripts (official) must be sent to: University of Louisville, Office of Admissions, Belknap Campus, Louisville, KY 40292

Yes, required science courses must be completed no more than 10 years before applying for Upper Division admission.

Completion of an approved background check is required for all applicants who are offered admission to the upper division program. Students pay the service provided directly for the cost of the required background check.

Yes, the minimum GPA to be considered for admission to the upper division program is a 2.8 cumulative GPA and a “C” in all required program science courses. Applicants are also evaluated on their program and science GPA, in addition to this minimum for admission to the selective upper division program.

Yes, The Kentucky Board of Dentistry issues dental licenses under laws adopted by the state legislature. Specific licensure requirements vary among states/jurisdictions, but all have three types of requirements: 1) an educational requirement, 2) a written examination requirement, and 3) a clinical examination requirement. All jurisdictions recognize graduates of dental schools accredited directly by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) as having fulfilled the educational requirement.
It is the responsibility of the student hygienist to understand the licensing requirements in the state(s) he/she intends to practice dentistry. Contact the respective board of dentistry to learn more about licensing requirements.