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Department Mission Statement

Goals & Objectives


Greene ResearchThe University of Louisville strives to become a pre-eminent research university. Faculty in departments and interdepartmental centers and institutes have been classically thought of as the principal incubators of new discoveries and ideas. To that end, our department has designated the discovery of new knowledge by the performance of scientific research as its primary mission.

One objective of new faculty recruitment to the department is to strengthen the emerging research focus on molecular and molecular genetic mechanisms of birth defects. This will contribute to the significant focus at the University of Louisville on children's disorders and complement the existing departmental program focusing on protein expression and trafficking. The primary departmental objective will be to conduct fundamental and applied research on cellular and molecular aspects of (i) embryonic development and acquired congenital malformations, and (ii) protein expression and trafficking.

Interactions between scholars and students stimulates the pursuit of knowledge. The obligation of each faculty scholar is to work in the context of communicating his/her work to students. The university's research and teaching are not separate functions but integrated activities. An important departmental objective is the provision of opportunities that encourage investigators to engage in exciting teaching and production of scholarship that tangibly improves teaching and innovative curriculum development.

Faculty have multiple academic and scholarly talents and several means of contributing to the health and vitality of a university. Academic organizations rely on faculty wisdom and experience to make informed decisions regarding governance.  Therefore each departmental faculty member is expected to contribute to university governance by membership on, and active contribution to appropriate university committees.

The dental profession holds the benefit of the patient as its primary goal.  To accomplish this, the practitioner must provide skilled care based on contemporary knowledge. The department will provide leadership to the profession by offering appropriate continuing education courses, expert consultation and scientifically based technical support services.

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