Video and Lecture Capture

Panopto (pronounced “Puh-NAUP-toe”) allows you to create, edit and import video or lecture capture for your courses. This online tool also allows for live streaming and mobile capture on multiple devices. Panopto is available for free to all UofL faculty and is integrated into Blackboard, allowing you to easily embed video into your courses. Additional tools include interactive quizzes and importing automatic captions.

Get Started

How to Install Panopto for Windows
Video Instructions | Read the Documentation

How to Install Panopto for Mac
Read the Documentation

How to Install Panopto for Students
Read the Documentation [PDF]

Direct link to Panapto

ULink credentials are required for direct access

Get Support

24/7 Support is available online at

Panopto offers ongoing introduction and advanced classes. In addition, every Friday at 12PM EST, Panopto hosts virtual office hours for faculty.

Contact the Delphi Center at 502.852.8833 or by email.

Sensitive/Confidential Information

Panopto is not to be used for any [UofL] sensitive or confidential information such as HIPAA or personally identifiable information. Do not use Panopto to communicate any of the HIPAA 18 identifiers listed below (e.g. don’t use initials as they are based on name) or any other individually identifiable information (e.g. name with governmental/university id). Your use of this system with this information could result in disciplinary action and could result in fines or penalties to you and/or the University.

  • 1. Names
  • 2. All geographic subdivisions smaller than state (zip codes etc.)
  • 3. All elements of dates related to an individual
  • 4. Telephone numbers
  • 5. Fax Numbers
  • 6. Email Addresses
  • 7. Social Security numbers
  • 8. Medical Record Numbers
  • 9. Health Plan beneficiary numbers
  • 10. Account numbers
  • 11. Biometric Identifiers (finger and voice prints)
  • 12. Vehicle Identifiers and serial numbers
  • 13. Device Identifiers and serial numbers
  • 14. Web Universal Resource Locators (URLs)
  • 15. Internet Protocol address numbers (IP Address)
  • 16. Certificate/license numbers
  • 17. Full face photographic images
  • 18. Any other unique identifying number or characteristic or code

UofL Panopto Training

Attend a UofL-specific Panopto training to learn how to use the application in your course. If you’re interested in attending an in-person training virtually, register using the links below for more details.

Session Dates

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