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The Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning offers a diverse range of technology resources and training at the Belknap and Health Sciences Center campuses. We introduce faculty and staff to best practices with pedagogy, new and emerging technologies, as well as help seasoned technologists further develop and sharpen their skills.

Blackboard Integrated Tools


Blackboard Instructor App

Class Collaborate

SoftChalk Create

iClicker Classroom Response System


Respondus Monitor

Top Hat

Technology Tools Chart

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  Embed Video Embed Audio Mashup Source Content Assignment Assessment Academic Integrity Collaboration Tools Mobile Application Instructor Helper
Microsoft Office 365 X X     X X   X X  
Panopto X           X X X  
YouTube X   X X            
Class Collaborate X X X         X X  
SlideShare     X X            
Flickr     X X            
Blackboard Wikis/Blogs         X          
Assignments         X          
Tests           X        
Respondus Lock Down Browser             X      
Respondus Monitor             X      
SafeAssign         X   X      
Blackboard                 X  
Student Preview                   X
SoftChalk X X     X X       X
Grade Center                   X
MidTerm/Final Grade Import [PDF]                   X

Technology Tools Resources

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Technology Formative Assessment Tool Real Time Formative Responses Student Collaboration Visual Organization of Ideas and Resources Discussion Exit Tickets Online Course Applicability (could work well in your online classes)
Adobe Spark X   X X     X
AnswerGarden X X   X      
Canva X   X X     X
ClassPulse X X X   X   X
Cram X X       X X
edPuzzle X   X X     X
Flipgrid X   X   X   X
Go Formative X X   X   X X
GoSoapBox X X     X X  
Kahoot X X X     X X
Lino X X X X X X X
Mailshake     X   X   X
Mentimeter X X   X   X X
Mindmeister     X X     X
Nearpod X X   X   X X
Padlet     X X X   X
Perusall     X   X   X
Playposit X X       X X
Poll Everywhere X X       X  
Powtoon X   X X     X
Quizlet X X         X
Remind           X X
Screencast-O-Matic       X     X
Slack     X   X   X X X         X
Socrative X X X     X  
Thinglink X   X X     X
Venngage X   X X     X
VoiceThread X X X X X   X

Trainings By Request

The Delphi Center offers many technology trainings upon request. Email the Delphi Center or call 502.852.8833 for more information or to make an appointment.

Please Note: The Delphi Center does not provide Office 365 training.

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