Tracking & Evaluation


  • Evaluate the impact of the CTSI on the integration and expansion of interactions and alliances aimed at building clinical and translational science research at the University of Louisville and its community partners.

  • Track the progress of UofL’s multidisciplinary research education and career.

  • Track and evaluate the aims and milestones of the Key Component Activities.

  • Track engagement in research, health care and medical advances of community and academic scientists/educators.



Portrait of Michiel van Zyl, PhD
Michiel van Zyl, PhD



Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville Belknap Campus
Louisville, Kentucky 40292



Provides timely evaluations to the CTSI Director, CTSI Steering Committee and the Internal and External Advisory Committees. Oversees the implementation of procedures to enhance the quality of data and maximize the complementary skills of T & E Core Team to systematically address the fidelity of measures, the accuracy of analyses, and the proper interpretation and dissemination of the evaluative information to the key CTSI stakeholders.


Portrait of Jackson Barnette, PhD
Jackson Barnette, PhD



Bioinformatics & Biostatistics
University of Louisville Health Science Center
Louisville, Kentucky 40202


Co-responsible for timely evaluations of CTSI activities. Develops a CTSI score card with baseline information and goals for each year. Primarily responsible for all evaluations related to mentoring and address the fidelity of the mentoring measures used, as well as the analyses of mentoring activities, the interpretation of results and dissemination of information pertinent to mentoring.