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Last updated: March 16, 2022

Check this page regularly as we may need to update answers based on new information or guidance about how to best ensure a safe and healthy campus for all this fall.

Frequently Asked Questions


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All Students

Students who are not comfortable attending in-person classes are encouraged to sign up for online courses. UofL leadership continues to meet frequently to closely monitor the current status of the virus and variants and keeps the campus community updated regularly. (Date Updated: 06.29.21)

Upon notification that a student needs to quarantine or isolate, students should immediately notify the appropriate faculty members by email and provide the expected duration of quarantine or isolation. Faculty will provide options for making up work when students abide by the university’s health and same protocols by staying home when they have COVID-19 symptoms, when they’ve been instructed by the health department or contact tracers to quarantine due to exposure, or when they are isolating due to a positive test. Faculty may choose the type of accommodation they wish to provide students. If a student misses a major assessment or exam due to having symptoms or being instructed to quarantine or isolate, faculty may request medical documentation from the student. (Date Updated: 10.14.21)

In the event you need to isolate/quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test result or a confirmed exposure, you should request accommodations through your individual professors. If you feel that you're not receiving a fair accommodation, you can report your concern to the Business Operations COVID Support Team and file a complaint via the Dean of Students complaint form: https://louisville.edu/dos/help/student-complaint-procedure. University officials will then contact the department to assist in resolving the issue. (Date Added 10.14.21)

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Residential Hall Safety

Our team continues to strategize several measures which are taken to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and adequately prepare for multiple scenarios in our halls. A few highlights include the following:

  • Sanitizing all community spaces in the halls three times daily and providing cleaning supplies such as Virex spray and disinfectant wipes are available at the front desks of our twelve residence halls for use by residents. Sneeze guards have also been installed at all of the front desks.
  • Partnering closely with Campus Health to assist students with COVID-19 exposures, symptoms, and cases and encouraging all residents to complete the Cardinal Self Check tool available on our university’s dedicated coronavirus page. Each resident has also been provided a thermometer for daily symptom checks.

Learn more about campus procedures here. Review residential policies here. (Date Added: 08.02.21)

Residents may submit a “Fix-It” request for any maintenance issues in their rooms, apartments, or common areas of the hall. Our maintenance team will continue to respond to all requests with the added precaution of using PPE and maintaining physical distance while services are conducted. (Date Added: 09.08.20)

Update: As of March 14, 2022, masks are no longer required to be worn in residence halls. However, wearing a mask is still encouraged for individuals considered to be at high risk. (Date Updated: 03.16.22)

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Resident Health

During move-in, each resident was provided a thermometer for daily symptom checks. In addition to monitoring their temperature daily, all residents are expected to utilize the Cardinal Self Check tool daily. Download instructions for this tool are available here. (Date Added: 09.08.20)

Each area desk has a supply of disposable masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes available for residents. (Date Added: 08.02.21)

Update: As of March 14, 2022, masks are no longer required to be worn in residence halls. However, wearing a mask is still encouraged for individuals considered to be at high risk. (Date updated 03.16.22)

Residents with pre-existing conditions that put them at greater risk from COVID-19 are entitled to some accommodations through our Disability Resource Center. If you are concerned about your health risks, please contact the Disability Resource Center to discuss your needs. If you require a special housing accommodation, you may submit a request here. (Date Added: 08.02.21)

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General Self-Isolation Procedures for Residents 

All residents experiencing symptoms should do the following:

  • Stay at home or in your assigned bed space.
  • Notify Campus Health at 502-852-6479 or hlthoff@louisville.edu.
  • Contact your medical provider.

Even if you decide to seek care from your own medical provider, be sure to still inform Campus Health so the university can effectively track COVID-19 cases and ensure proper isolation procedures for our campus community. (Date Added: 09.09.20)

Yes. If a resident has tested positive for COVID-19, we first highly encourage them to return home for their self-isolation period. If a resident is unable to return home to complete their self-isolation, the Campus Housing team will coordinate with Campus Health to determine an appropriate place on campus for the resident to self-isolate. (Date Revised: 08.02.21)

If a resident has been required by Campus Health to self-isolate but has not tested positive for COVID-19, then we encourage them to return home for their self-isolation period. If a resident is not able to return home for self-isolation, our team will coordinate with Campus Health to determine a self-isolation location. (Date Added: 09.09.20)

Per CDC guidelines, individuals arriving from another country, U.S. state, or county which has been designated as a location in which COVID-19 transmission is high or increasing are expected to self-isolate, to the best of their ability, for 10 days. Learn more about self-isolation procedures here. (Date Revised: 12.14.20)

Campus Housing will coordinate with UofL Dining to provide a week’s supply of food and ready-to-eat meals at the beginning of the resident’s self-isolation period. Since our goal is to provide our residents the food they need as soon as possible, exact food items will be determined by Dining during the first week of self-isolation. After the first week, students will have more of a choice in which food items they receive for the remainder of their self-isolation period. In all cases, any allergies or dietary restrictions will be considered. The cost of these groceries will be equivalent to two meal swipes/week. Periodic wellness checks will take place during a resident’s required self-isolation if staying on-campus. We encourage residents who have immediate needs to call the number provided in their isolation email as that number is answered 24/7. We encourage the resident to bring everything that need during their full self-isolation period. (Date Revised: 9.22.21)

Yes. If any member of your living unit tests positive for COVID-19, please stay at home or in your living unit and notify Campus Health at or hlthoff@louisville.eduin addition to contacting your medical provider. Campus Health will advise you on specific next steps.

Even if you decide to seek care and advice from your own medical provider, be sure to still inform Campus Health so the university can effectively track COVID-19 cases and ensure proper isolation procedures for our campus community. (Date Added: 09.09.20)

Your hall director will be calling you periodically to check on your needs. If you need to reach them sooner, please call them at the contact information provided via email during regular business hours. The name, and contact information of your hall director is included in the initial email you receive from UofL Campus Housing containing your self-isolation details. If you need assistance outside of regular business hours, you may contact the 24/7 hotline on-call number provided in your initial self-isolation email from UofL Campus Housing. (Date Revised: 9.22.21)

If you feel that your self-isolation or health status may conflict with your academic performance, we encourage you to reach out to your academic faculty member or academic advisor so that they may work with you to ensure that your academic success is supported throughout this time. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

Students (both residents and commuters) who are required to self-isolate due to a positive COVID diagnosis or potential exposure can still receive online tutoring support through REACH for many 100, 200, and some 300 level courses. To learn which courses we currently offer support in, go to https://reach.louisville.edu and select the link under the main picture that says “click here to see if REACH offers support for your course.” If you don’t see your course, please send us an email at reach@louisville.edu so that we can determine a possible solution. If you are already receiving tutoring, simply speak with your tutor or our staff about moving your sessions online. For many courses, we already offer specific online tutoring times on a weekly basis.

REACH also offers online academic coaching support to help with a variety of course-related needs. You can explore the types of support we offer as well as schedule an appointment with one of our coaches by going to https://reach.louisville.edu/programs/academic-coaching/. (Date Added: 09.13.21)

In accordance with CDC guidelines for self-isolation, you are not allowed to have guests during this period. Moreover, you should not leave the room except to receive medical treatment or for an emergency evacuation. This includes not visiting others in quarantine. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

The UofL Counseling Center is a free resource for students including individual therapy, urgent consultation, and group therapy. Their hours of operation are 9am – 5pm. Beginning in Fall 2021, all services will be offered via telehealth and/or in-person services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Counseling Center will follow CDC guidelines and University policy to ensure the safety of all students and staff. If you are in crisis or have questions, please call (502) 852-6585 M-F between 9am and 4pm for a phone consultation, and the Counseling Center will assign a clinician to speak with you as soon as possible. If a crisis or emergency occurs after Counseling Center hours, please call 911 or contact a crisis hotline listed below. Hotlines will connect you with a crisis counselor trained to help you work through your thoughts and feelings and provide follow-up resources.

(Date Updated: 07.30.21)

Yes! UofL offers an extensive range of free resources available to students. We provide each student a list of resources, including hours of operation and contact information, along with the initial email from UofL Campus Housing regarding their self-isolation. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

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On Campus Self-isolation Procedures for Residents

Campus Housing will assist with collecting packages for students who receive them at Canon, our university’s print and mail vendor, which is located in the SAC. Any mail sent to residents should be addressed to the following:

Hall Name

Student Name

2100 S. Floyd St., Suite W119

Louisville, KY 40292

(Date Updated: 10.20.20)

On your first day of self-isolation, you will receive a grocery bag containing pre-determined breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner items for your first seven days. Items include the following: cereal, milk, juice, meal bars, muffins, “heat-and-serve” meals, chips, fruit, fruit cups, snack crackers, trail mix/nuts, popcorn, snack mix, granola bars, and dinner entrees from York Street. Also included in this first round of groceries will be peanut butter, jelly, and a loaf of bread meant to supply a few lunch and snack options for Weeks One and Two of your self-isolation period. Food allergies and dietary restrictions are considered for each student. Grocery bags are delivered typically between 12pm and 7pm. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

On day seven of your self-isolation, you will receive a second pre-determined bag of items similar in nature to those from your first week’s food supply. However, the variety will change. The quantity you receive on day seven will correspond with the number of days remaining within your self-isolation period (e.g. three days, five days, eight days, etc.) (Date Added: 10.20.20)

If you require more meals prior to your second delivery or by the end of your self-isolation, please let your hall director know at least two days before the supplies are needed. It is important to plan ahead—if you think you will be running out of meals, please let your hall director know before your groceries run out. As your hall director is contacting you regularly, this is a good time to mention any food needs you may have. The contact information for your hall director is included in the initial email you receive from UofL Campus Housing regarding your self-isolation details. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

Yes. A consultation on-call staff from Campus Housing will contact you initially regarding the need to self-isolate. At this time, you may verbally opt in to the UofL Dining provision of meals during your self-isolation. The cost will be equivalent to two meal swipes per day. If you do not have meal swipes, you may use your flex points. The total amount of days for which you are provided meals will be deducted from your meal plan balance following your self-isolation. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

Trash will be picked up on Wednesdays mornings while you are in isolation. Please place bagged trash outside your door by 8:45am on Wednesday morning and a custodial staff member will collect and dispose of it for you. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

Residents who are in self-isolation on campus may schedule a laundry pick-up service once per week by emailing Jarayon Jackson at jarayon.jackson@louisville.edu by each Wednesday at noon. On Wednesday, a water-soluble laundry bag, a yellow bag, and a laundry ticket will be delivered to your self-isolation room by 4:30 p.m. Please place your soiled laundry in the water-soluble bag(s). Then, place the laundry ticket and water-soluble bag containing your soiled laundry inside the yellow bag. On the laundry ticket, be sure to include your full name, building name, room number, and a detailed list of laundry contents. Please note that bags without laundry tickets will not be picked up. Please place the bag outside your door on by the following Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

Residents who take advantage of laundry pick-up will receive their clean laundry returned each Monday. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

Laundry will be professionally cleaned utilizing a non-allergenic commercial detergent for accommodating both sensitive and non-sensitive skin. Softener will also be used, but students may request that softener not be added to their laundry if this is the preference. (Date Added: 10.20.20)

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Housing during Holiday Breaks

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