FAQ - Faculty

Last updated March 28, 2022

Any university member who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 will receive clearance by the health department, their medical provider or Campus Health's contact tracing team regarding when they are approved to return to in-person classes or work. (Date Added: 8.20.21)

Do not announce that private health information to the rest of your class. Tell the student to follow the university's protocols on isolation and remind them to make sure they inform Campus Health (502-852-6446 or hlthoff@louisville.edu). The student's required isolation period might cause them to miss an upcoming, in-person class, event or activity. Campus Health will give the student more specific guidance and contact tracers might contact you requesting a copy of your class seating chart to help them quickly contact students who were within 6 feet of the individual who tested positive. See the Contact Tracing, Quarantine and Isolation section of the Health Protocols tab for more information. (Date Revised: 1.6.22).

Campus Health’s contact tracing team traces, notifies, and advises any individuals who may have been exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. When a positive case is confirmed, CHS initiates contact investigation and develops a contact list. You can learn more about Campus Health’s Response Procedures here: Campus Health's Response Procedures. As an instructor, it is strongly recommended that you maintain a classroom seating chart to support swift tracing efforts. By establishing a seating chart and keeping it up-to-date (when students request to change seats), you'll be prepared to support the contact tracing team if they reach out to you about a positive case in your class. Additionally, classroom seating charts can expedite your and your students’ ability to learn one another’s names, which has been demonstrated to support a productive learning environment. (Date Added: 8.20.21)

Faculty should have a continuity of instruction plan for every semester, since missed classes for illness, family crises, and other reasons are always a possibility.

The faculty member can continue to teach remotely if not feeling particularly ill for the 5-10 days they are in isolation. Isolation is typically discontinued after day 10, so long as they do not have a fever when not taking medications and their symptoms, if any, have improved. For more information review the Contact tracing, isolation and quarantine portion of the website. (Date Updated: 1.6.22)

If a staff or faculty member in the program (e.g. program coordinator) asks for vaccination status, information about who needs accommodations (e.g. masking, distancing) can be shared with other individuals who need to coordinate work and training assignments. Vaccination status should be treated as confidential. PIs also cannot reject a student on the basis of vaccination status. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

PIs cannot reject a student on the basis of vaccination status. Other lab members are not required to wear masks. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

Incoming students can be made aware now of the requirements in the lab based on their vaccination status. General notice of the policy can be sent to all incoming students along with information about where they can get vaccinated if they so desire. Decisions have been made in a timely manner based on best available information from the CDC and State of Kentucky. University officials consistently re-visit these decisions as the dynamics of the pandemic change. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

It is not required to ask people if they are vaccinated, people can decide not to ask. Asking students and fellow employees is not prohibited and knowing the status of those in the same location may ease concerns among some members of our community. We are banking on the honesty of our students and colleagues. The best way to ensure one’s own safety is to get vaccinated. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

Unvaccinated people must remain masked and distanced, which is the best protection for them and for others against possible transmission of SARS-COV-2. See response to 7 above. (Date Added: 06.08.21)