FAQ - Faculty

Last updated June 8, 2021

If a staff or faculty member in the program (e.g. program coordinator) asks for vaccination status, information about who needs accommodations (e.g. masking, distancing) can be shared with other individuals who need to coordinate work and training assignments. Vaccination status should be treated as confidential. PIs also cannot reject a student on the basis of vaccination status. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

Yes, unvaccinated students can do that and should remain masked and should be physically distanced from other people. Other vaccinated people do not need to wear masks nor stay distanced from one another. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

PIs cannot reject a student on the basis of vaccination status. Other lab members are not required to wear masks. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

Incoming students can be made aware now of the requirements in the lab based on their vaccination status. General notice of the policy can be sent to all incoming students along with information about where they can get vaccinated if they so desire. Decisions have been made in a timely manner based on best available information from the CDC and State of Kentucky. University officials consistently re-visit these decisions as the dynamics of the pandemic change. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

At this point we expect that we may require unvaccinated students to be tested regularly, but the cadence of this and whether it is even required will depend on the vaccination status of the whole community and the prevalence of COVID-19 in the community. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

It is not required to ask people if they are vaccinated, people can decide not to ask. Asking students and fellow employees is not prohibited and knowing the status of those in the same location may ease concerns among some members of our community. We are banking on the honesty of our students and colleagues. The best way to ensure one’s own safety is to get vaccinated. (Date Added: 06.08.21)

Unvaccinated people must remain masked and distanced, which is the best protection for them and for others against possible transmission of SARS-COV-2. See response to 7 above. (Date Added: 06.08.21)