FAQ - Employees

Last updated September 16, 2020

Wearing a mask or face covering is about protecting others and a fundamental part of our Community of Care principle. Additionally, limiting the spread of the virus allows the university to resume some normal operations, including in-person classes without the need to return to full remote instruction. Without taking these steps, the University jeopardizes its ability to operate at the greatest capacity possible. If you believe that a mask or face covering will limit your ability to perform your job-related duties, speak with your supervisor. If you are unable to develop a plan which can meet your needs, please contact Human Resources (for staff) or Faculty Affairs (for faculty). (Date Added: 07.27.20)

While in your private office area, you are not required to wear a mask or face covering when alone. However, as soon as one other person enters your office area, everyone is required to wear a mask or face covering. (Date Added: 07.27.20)

It depends. Cubicles with four walls with just an entryway opening that are assigned to a single person for their daily use, and whose walls are at least six feet high to block the breathing zone of anyone walking by or in adjacent cubicles, are considered private offices and the university does not require the occupant to wear a mask in their office space. If anyone else approaches the opening or enters the cubicle, then the occupant should put their mask on immediately. Cubicles that do not meet these standards, are not considered private offices and are instead considered public work spaces which require occupants to remain masked at all times when using that space. (Date Added: 07.27.20)

It depends on the assignment of that vehicle. If is a shared vehicle, masks or face coverings must be worn even if no one else is in the vehicle. Shared vehicles may have respiratory secretions on surfaces within the vehicle from other drivers. Contaminated surfaces may still be a source of infection after a driver leaves the shared vehicle. If the vehicle is assigned to a single employee, and that person is alone in the vehicle, a mask or face covering is not required. (Date Added: 07.27.20)

Employees should acquire a note from their medical provider or from campus health that states clearance to return to work. This note should not include any personal health information, it should only be used to confirm the employee is clear to return. Proof of a negative test is not needed. Only a confirmation from the medical provider or Campus Health that the employee is permitted to return to work. (Date Added: 07.27.20)

You can find information regarding furloughs and other COVID-19 related changes on HR’s Financial Challenge Mitigation FAQ page. (Date Added: 09.15.20)

You can find the Temporary Leave Guidelines and Policy on HR’s COVID-19 Information page. (Date Added: 09.15.20)

Yes, unemployment is taxable income. You can refer to HR’s Pending Unemployment FAQ page or Kentucky’s COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance FAQ page for more information on unemployment. (Date Added: 09.15.20)

You can find information regarding furloughs and other COVID-19 related changes on HR’s Financial Challenge Mitigation FAQ page. (Date Added: 09.15.20)

December 31, 2020 is the deadline for the annual leave adjustment. For more information on leave options, visit HR’s leave webpage. (Date Added: 09.15.20)

Visit https://louisville.edu/hr for general HR information on topics such as benefits, compensation, policies, professional development, employee relations and more. HR's website also has an HR events calendar and helpful information for managers, such as the Manager Resources Toolkit and Diversity Recruiting Resources 2020. (Date Added: 09.16.20)