Summer Environmental Health Program

Summer 2021 Environmental Health Program Report


Student quote that states: I enjoyed looking more into personal care products and being more mindful of what i'm using on an every day basis. The radon test was also very interesting to deploy and send off. -Youth participant in SEHP '21

The Summer Environmental Health Program was developed as a partnership between the South Central AHEC and the Community Engagement Core of the Center for Integrative Environmental Health Sciences (CIEHS) at the University of Louisville. The program, which took place in June 2021, included seven sessions over a four week period with the goal of introducing high school and college-aged students to different aspects of environmental health that impact daily living. Dr. Huntington-Moskos, Director of the Community Engagement Core, engaged students in active discussion and action steps through distributing radon kits, taking inventory of environmental health concerns in the home, and providing a thorough explanation of how bees, water, and microplastics impact the environment that we inhabit. These actions, using environmental health apps and reviewing personal care and cleaning products commonly used in the home can help future healthcare providers understand how relevant environmental health issues are in our personal lives as well as how they can raise awareness in future patients and our communities in western Kentucky.