2022-2023 EHS Seminars

Date RIG Speaker Dept/Affiliation Presentation Title
April 7, 2022 Multi Petra Haberzettl, Ph.D. Dept. of Medicine
University of Louisville
Pulmonary Oxidative Stress, a potential mechanistic pathway to air pollution-induced cardiovascular and metabolic toxicity. 
May 5, 2022 Cancer Alexandra Nail, Ph.D. Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology
University of Louisville
Chronic Arsenic Exposure Reduces DNA Damage Response Activation in Human Keratinocytes
June 2, 2022 Cancer host: External Speaker Fei Chen, PhD Dept. of Pathology 
Renaissance School of Medicine
Stony Brook University
Mineral dust-induced gene and H3K36me3 in breast cancer metastasis
July 7, 2022 Multi Banrida Wahlang, Ph.D. Dept. Medicine/Liver Research
University of Louisville
Mechanisms of Environmental Contributions to Fatty Liver Disease
August 4, 2022 Neuro Cynthia Corbitt, Ph.D. Dept. of Biology
University of Louisville
Effects of prenatal cigarette smoke exposure on mouse anxiety-like behavior
September 1, 2022 Cancer host: External Speaker Ana Navas-Acien, M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Vice-Chair of Research
Dept. of Environmental Health Sciences
Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
Metallomics: a powerful tool to advance medicine and public health
October 6, 2022 Neuro Gregory Barnes, M.D., Ph.D. Dept. of Neurology
University of Louisville
Impact of Metal Exposure and Cerebellar Neuroinflammation on Cognitive Circuits in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
November 3, 2022 Multi Lu Cai, MD, PhD Dept. of Pediatrics
University of Louisville
Diabetic complications, role of zinc and metallothionein
December 1, 2022 Multi host: External Speaker Phoebe Stapleton, Ph.D., A.T.C.  Rutgers University- Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy EOHSI-Toxicology Exposure to micro- and nanoplastic particles, considerations in a maternal-fetal environment.
January 5, 2023 Neuro Jun Cai, M.D., Ph.D. Dept. of Pediatrics
University of Louisville
Roles of Early-Life Cadmium Exposure and High-Fat Diet in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
January 26, 2023 Cancer Sanjay Srivastava, Ph.D. Professor of Medicine
Director, UofL Superfund Research Center
University of Louisville
Carbonyl Stress and Cardiometabolic Disease
March 16, 2023 External Speaker Koren K. Mann, Ph.D. Professor and Department Chair
Pharmacology & Therapeutics
McGill University
Mechanisms of Arsenic-Enhanced Atherosclerosis