Community Member Testimonials

On December 10, 2021, western, KY experienced an EF-4 tornado. This is an exclusive interview recounting firsthand experiences from individuals in Mayfield, KY. As we commemorate the second anniversary of the tornado, The CIEHS Community Engagement Core extends heartfelt thoughts and condolences to all those profoundly impacted. Our commitment remains unwavering in understanding the environmental repercussions of natural disasters on communities. We persist in our efforts of finding ways to prepare for such events while working with survivors.

Discover how the Henderson County High School Science Club took action against PFAS, or "forever chemicals," with the help of Dr. Jamie Young from the University of Louisville's CIEHS Community Engagement Core. With guidance from Dr. Young and local teachers, they conducted a PFAS water and soil collection initiative, collecting and analyzing over 60 samples using handheld XRF technology. Witness the impact of student-led scientific action in addressing environmental challenges.

A rural county was experiencing health problems related to the air quality impact of a local hemp processing facility in western Kentucky. The community was able to get in touch with the Center for Integrative Environmental Health Sciences (CIEHS) Community Engagement Core (CEC) through local connections. The CEC helped bring together this community to help stop this unexpected and unwelcome environmental exposure. Learn more about their experience below. 



Janice and Sacha