2018-2019 EHS Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Presentation Title
8/2/18 Gregory Barnes Neurology, UofL Environmental Exposures in the Developing Brain: Challenges for the Future
9/6/18 Matt Cave Medicine/Gastroenterology, UofL Environmental Liver Disease
10/4/18 Banrida Wahlang Medicine/Gastroenterology, UofL Importance of sex-differences in environmental health
11/1/18 Lonnie Sears Pediatrics, UofL Assessing Neurobehavioral Effects of Pollution in Children
12/6/18 Rachel Neal Environmental & Occupational Health, UofL Dev-CSE: Impact on the establishment and stability of the cecal bacterial community
1/3/19 James Wise Pharmacology & Nutrition, UK Metabolism Reprogramming in Hexavalent Chromium-Induced Lung Carcinogenesis
2/7/19 Tongzhang Zheng Epidemiology, Brown University Metal exposures and Type 2 diabetes
3/7/19 Natalie DuPré Epidemiology, UofL Integrating breast cancer, environmental and molecular epidemiology: Breast Tissue Gene Expression and Ambient Particulate Matter in the Nurses' Health Studies
4/4/19 Zhishan Wang Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology, UK Arsenic and benzo(a)pyrene co-exposure synergies in inducing lung tumorigenesis
5/2/19 Luz Huntington-Moskos School of Nursing, UofL Emerging Best Practices for Report-Back of Environmental Exposures
5/30/19 Matthew A. Nystoriak Department of Medicine, UofL Regulation of myocardial blood flow by redox-sensitive potassium channels
7/11/19 Lauren Heberle Department of Sociology, UofL