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The Community Engagement Core (CEC) strives to support healthcare providers as they work to address the environmental health needs of patients, families and communities across the state. With industry and agriculture present throughout the state, Kentucky is home to many unique environmental exposures, and could utilize more region-specific resources to support healthcare professionals in their efforts. The CEC actively works to bring resources to our healthcare providers in multiple formats to support collaboration and enhance environmental health literacy within the commonwealth.

Nonstick Nuisance Medical Monitoring for PFAS
Health Education & Guidance on PFAS Exposure

Matthew C. Cave, M.D.

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Kelli Bullard Dunn, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.S.C.R.S.

Rachel Neal in field work



  • Dr. Kelli Bullard Dunn serves in a number of capacities at the University of Louisville including as the Kentucky Adult Health Education Center (AHEC) Program Director and the Vice Dean of Community Engagement & Diversity at the University of Louisville's School of Medicine.
  • Dr. Bullard Dunn emphasizes the existing overlap between healthcare disparities and exposure to environmental health concerns in her own medical practice as well.
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CDC: National Center for Environmental Health

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