2017-2018 EHS Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Presentation Title
6/1/17 Christopher States Pharmacology/Toxicology, UofL miRNAs & Aneuploidy in Arsenic-induced Skin Carcinogenesis
7/6/17 Petra Haberzettl Medicine/Cardiology, UofL Air Pollution, Life Style, and Cardiometabolic Disease
8/3/17 Laila Al Eryani Pharmacology/Toxicology, UofL miRNA Expression Changes in Arsenic-Induced Skin Cancer in vivo and in vitro
9/7/17 David Hein Pharmacology/Toxicology, UofL Translation of Laboratory Research Findings Towards Risk
Assessments from Environmental Chemicals
10/5/17 Xianglin Shi Toxicology/Cancer Biology, UK Oxidative Stress in Cr(VI) Carcinogenesis and Its Prevention
11/2/17 Gary Hoyle Environmental/Occupational Health Sciences Pathophysiology and treatment of persistent chlorine-induced lung disease
12/7/17 Michael Merchant Medicine/Nephrology, UofL Sexual dimorphism and kidneys: proteo-phenotyping response to dietary Cd and/or high fat
1/4/18 Timothy O’Toole Medicine/Cardiology, UofL Limiting oxidative stress mitigates the systemic effects of exposure
to particulate matter air pollution and volatile organic compounds
2/1/18 Mayukh Banerjee Pharmacology/Toxicology, UofL MRP4 modulates arsenic transport, toxicity and susceptibility
3/1/18 Lu Cai Pediatrics, UofL Diabetic cardiomyopathy and its antioxidant prevention
4/5/18 David Hein Pharmacology/Toxicology, UofL The UofL NIEHS T32 Training Program in Environmental Health Sciences
5/3/18 Sanjay Srivastava Medicine/Cardiology, UofL Chemical Stressors of Atherosclerosis
6/7/18 Theodore Smith Revon Systems, Crestwood, KY From Digital Response to Digital Dose
7/5/18 Theodore Kalbfleisch Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics, UofL Bioinformatic Infrastructure: Moving us Toward a Comprehensive
Understanding of Cellular Function