When are applications due for a Fall/Spring semester admission?

Fall admission: Applications received by January 15 will receive full consideration for all fellowships and teaching assistantships. Applications received after that date will be considered until all available positions are filled.

Spring admission: Applications for Spring admissions should be submitted by September 15. Spring applicants will be considered for a limited number of GTA positions until all positions are filled. Students not admitted in the Spring may request to have their application considered for Fall admission.

Contact Sherry Nalley ( or 502-852-6798) for current application status.

What types of financial aid are available?

  1. Graduate Teaching Assistantships - All full-time applicants are considered. GTA positions provide an annual stipend of $22,000 plus tuition, fees, and health insurance. GTA's spend 15-20 hours/week leading recitations, supervising undergraduate laboratories, and/or grading assignments.
  2. Graduate Research Assistants - Once a student joins a research group, they may be supported by their mentor as a GRA.
  3. University Fellowships - Outstanding applicants will be considered for University Fellowships. University Fellows receive the same stipend, tuition, fees, and insurance as GTAs but are not required to teach. Applicants for University Fellowships have the following minimum requirements:
    • Graduate Record Examination scores of 60th percentile in the Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing sections of the General Test (or 60th percentile or higher on another acceptable standardized test)
    • Undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher
    • Strong letters of recommendation and other evidence of scholarly ability

How many openings are available for fall/spring?

The number of open positions varies each year but is typically between 10 and 15 for the Fall and 0 to 3 for the Spring.

What is included in an application package?

Online Application (graduate.louisville.edu/apply)
Application fee
Official copies of ALL undergraduate and graduate transcripts
Official copies of GRE scores
Recommendation Letters (minimum of 2)
Personal statement of research interests and career plans
Official copies of TOEFL scores (If English is not the primary language)

Where do I find the online application form?

The online application form can be found at http://graduate.louisville.edu/apply

What is the minimum undergraduate GPA requirement?

The minimum GPA to receive a Graduate Teaching Assistantship is 3.0/4.0. The minimum GPA for University Fellows is 3.25/4.00.

My undergraduate degree is not in chemistry, may I still apply?

Yes. Students with degrees in areas related to chemistry such as biochemistry, biology, engineering, mathematics, or physics may apply. It is expected that students will have obtained a background in chemistry equivalent to 36 hours of undergraduate coursework.

What are the minimum GRE and TOEFL requirements?

The minimum required GRE score is 290 for verbal & quantitative combined.
The minimum required TOEFL score is 80.

Is the GRE chemistry subject test required?

The subject test is not required, but applicants may have their score submitted at their discretion.

Must I wait until after I take the GRE before applying?

You may initiate your application prior to taking the GRE. This is strongly encouraged if you are applying near or after the beginning of the application review date. However, your application will not be complete until scores are received.

What is the University of Louisville's code for GRE & TOEFL?

University of Louisville's code for the GRE and TOFEL is 1838.

Should I choose a research mentor before applying?

Students are not required to choose a research mentor prior to enrolling in the program. You may indicate in your personal statement professors for whom you have an interest.

Can the $65.00 application fee be waved?

No. The fee is required before applications can be reviewed.

Should I apply?

All applications that meet the minimum requirements will be considered. We cannot advise prospective applicants on their specific chances of admission.

How will I know that my application is complete?

You will receive an e-mail from the Chemistry Department once all of your application materials are received. You can also contact Sherry Nalley (502-852-6798 or sherry.nalley@louisville.edu)  to check on your application status.

When will I know if I have been accepted?

Typically, decisions on completed applications are made by April 1st. Applications may be accepted, denied, or placed on a waiting list.

Will my application be considered for more than one semester?

If your application has been placed on the waiting list, you may request, via e-mail, to have it considered for one additional semester. Denied applications are not consider further.

Will I be accepted into the Chemistry Graduate Program?

All students that meet minimum requirements will be considered. Whether or not you are selected depends on the specifics of your application and the degree to which it is competitive with other applications.

What is your annual international student enrollment?

We evaluate students from all countries based on the quality of their application with no limits or quotas. Typically 25-33% of our students are domestic. We have students from Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

Can I visit your department?

Domestic students are strongly encouraged to visit our department before or during the application process. Please contact us to arrange a date to visit.