Bundled Tuition and Fees

University of Louisville consolidates or “bundles” mandatory fees charged to all students into its tuition structure with the goal of giving current and prospective students and the public more clarity in viewing tuition and fee costs. 

The following mandatory fees total $276 per semester for full time students and are pro-rated for part time students.

At its April 23, 2001 meeting, the University of Louisville Board of Trustees approved consolidating, or “bundling,” tuition and mandatory student fees into a single rate. The action followed hearing strong requests from student representatives for simplifying the tuition rate and fee structure at UofL. The single “bundled” tuition and fees rate allows the University to convey tuition costs with greater clarity to current students, prospective applicants, parents and the public. Since the 2001-02 academic year, the University has annually published a single tuition rate, which includes mandatory student fees, for each of its enrollment categories (Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional, Resident, and Non-resident combinations).

A UofL education is an excellent investment in your future. For additional information on educational expenses and the Cost of Attendance, please visit the Student Financial Aid Office’s website.

Student Activity Fee

Approved May 15, 1978, $16 per semester (Increase Board Approved June 2019)

In an effort to increase the availability of student services and programming at UofL, thereby enhancing the educational experience for students, the Board of Trustees established the Student Activities Fee beginning with the fall semester, 1978. The fee was approved for students enrolled for twelve or more credit hours and was to be prorated for those students enrolled for fewer than twelve credit hours. Initially, the Office of the President, based on consultation with the Student Government Association, was to allocate revenue from the fee for the Student Government Association budget, student legal services, and student placement services. The Student Services Fee (below) was subsequently split apart from this Student Activity Fee. The resulting Student Activity Fee is now administered by the Student Government Association with administrative oversight by the Vice President for Student Affairs and is used to provide programs and activities for student participation.

Student Athletics Fee

Approved June 20, 2018, $25 per semester

To help provide a structurally balanced budget for the Athletics Association, the Board of Trustees, at its May 24, 2002 meeting, approved a $25 increase to tuition. Included in the board action was a four year phase-in schedule from $25 to $50, beginning with the fall semester, 2002. As part of these discussions, the University agreed to consider student requests for extended library hours, promotion of additional university spirit programs, and provision of additional student tickets for basketball games. The Student Athletics Fee was re-authorized by the Board on February 21, 2007. In June 2018 the board - after consultations among Athletics, students, and other constituents - approved a reduction in the fee to $25 per semester.

Student Building Fee

Approved May 23, 1983, $25 per semester (Increase Board Approved June 2019)

On May 23, 1983 the Board of Trustees upon recommendation by the Student Government Association, approved the establishment of a Student Building Fee effective fall semester, 1983.  The fee was set at $15 per semester for students enrolled for seven or more credit hours and $7.50 for students enrolled for less than seven hours.  The revenue from the fee is applied toward maintenance, debt service and renovation of the Student Activities Center (SAC).

Student Health Fee

Approved April 5, 2007, $35 per semester

To provide new health services and benefits not otherwise available to students, the Board of Trustees approved a Student Health Fee on April 18, 2006 for all students not already covered by a separate fee for selected health sciences students. The fee, implemented in the fall semester, 2006, funded additional primary care services, initial psychiatric consultations, specialty care (dermatology, Ob/Gyn), health education programs and expanded office hours. However, implementation of the fee was confusing to students, complicated the billing process, and became difficult to manage by the Student Health Services Office. Analysis of the fee assessment process, the impact on students and the Student Health Services financial operations revealed that each could be simplified greatly by “bundling” the $35 Student Health Fee into the tuition rate for all University students. At its April 5, 2007 meeting, the Board approved including the $35 Student Health Fee in the published tuition rate beginning the fall semester, 2007.

Student Services Fee

Approved April 27, 1998, $110

In response to the Student Government Association’s request for increased involvement in the fee allocation process, the Student Activities Fee was separated into a Student Activity Fee and a Student Service Fee effective with the fall semester, 1998. The severance of the existing Student Activities Fee was collaboratively developed between the Student Government president and the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Student Activity Fee revenue was allocated to provide programs and activities for student participation under the auspices of the Student Government Association (discussed in the above section).The Student Services Fee provides student support services necessary for successful matriculation and enhanced retention of students.


The Office of Finance and Administration serves all eligible faculty, staff, and students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.