'Unprecedented Times' Youth Responses to COVID-19 and Racism Policy Report

A flyer with a graphic of a globe and protest posters reading 'BLM' on the top half and an illustration of the corona virus on the bottom. The flyer reads 'Unprecedented Times: Louisville Youth/Young Adults of Color Responding to the Twin Pandemics of Covid-19 and Racism'. A University of Louisville logo is on the flyer alongside the team members who led the report 'Dr. Melani Gast, Dr. Rebecka Bloomer, John Broadus, and James Joyce. At the bottom of the flyer is 2023

The past few years have illuminated the effects of racial traumas, oppression, and inequalities affecting young people of color. The 2023 Policy Report, titled “Unprecedented Times: Youth/Young Adults of Color Responding to the Twin Pandemics of COVID-19 and Racism in Louisville,” presents research findings from 2021 and 2022 listening sessions with young people of color and highlights their voices and suggestions for funding and developing community spaces for young residents of color to access support and collectively process stresses, uncertainties, and traumas. This report also offers policy recommendations and local and national mental health resources, including resources for young residents of color and questions to consider when seeking mental health providers who are understanding of racial traumas and who engage in culturally sensitive therapy and counseling. 

This research study involved a team of interdisciplinary UofL faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students, including ABI faculty affiliates, with funding from the ABI, CCTSJR, A&S, SPHIS, Office of Community Engagement & Gheens Foundation, EVPRI, and Department of Sociology. They worked in collaboration with the former Louisville Metro Office of Youth Development and Louisville Metro Youth Engagement Services offices.

Please support youth/young adults of color in Louisville and share this Unprecedented Time2023 Policy Report with relevant networks, local offices and centers, funding agencies, and community programs. Download the report here or on issuu.com