A Self-Guided Tour of Louisville’s Civil Rights History

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Whether you are from Louisville or visiting for the first time, we invite you to explore this interactive map to learn how the 20th-century civil rights movement changed lives here at the South’s northern border–for African Americans, but also for whites & now for the new immigrants who are bringing greater cultural diversity in the 21st century.


Hard copies of the brochure, A Self-Guided Tour of Louisville’s Civil Rights History are available at the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research, the Muhammad Ali Center, the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage and the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau.

This publication was compiled by the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research, a unit of the University of Louisville’s College of Arts & Sciences. The tour was created in partnership with the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau, Kentucky Center for African American Heritage and the Muhammad Ali Center.

The Training Guide for Tour Leaders is also available for download. This guide was created for those interested in becoming a tour guide for the Louisville Civil Rights History Tour.

Taken the tour? Find the evaluation here.

Tour Stops:

  • Muhammad Ali Center, 144 N. 6th St.
  • Charles Anderson, 600 W. Jefferson: marker is on steps of Hall of Justice
  • Simmons University/Louisville Municipal College, 1018 S. 7th St.
  • Old Central High School, 550 W. Kentucky
  • Freedom Park at UofL, 1911 S. 3rd St.
  • Open Accommodations Mass Protests, 610 S. 4th St.
  • Pendennis Club, 218 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd
  • Old Walnut St. Business District and Mae Street Kidd, 6th-13th on W. Ali Blvd.
  • Zion Baptist Church and Rev. A.D. King, 2200 W. Ali.
  • I. Willis Cole, 2317 W. Ali.
  • Lyman Johnson Home, 2340 W. Ali.
  • Braden Memorial Center, 3208 W. Broadway
  • Rev. Louis Coleman Jr. Drive, 700 Louis Coleman Jr. Dr.
  • Fontaine Ferry Park, 230 Southwestern Pkwy
  • Chickasaw Park, 1200 Southwestern Pkwy
  • Braden Home, 4403 Virginia Ave.
  • Muhammad Ali Boyhood Home, 3302 Grand Ave.
  • 1968 Civil Disorder, S 28th St & Greenwood Ave.
  • A.D. Porter & Sons Funeral Home, 1300 W. Chestnut St.
  • Western Branch Library, 604 S 10th St
  • Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church, 912 W Chestnut St
  • Open Housing Pioneers–the Wade Home, S. Crums Ln & Clyde Dr