Engaged Scholarship Report (2014-15)

Anne Braden on University of Louisville campus with sign saying free south Africa not a podium for Apartheid.

Dr. Cate Fosl researched and prepared this 2014-15 report entitled: Imagine Engaged Scholarship at the University of Louisville: A Research Report to the Provost, which proposes the foundation for a campus more fully engaged with and accessible to community partnerships that can transform Metro Louisville and beyond.

The following is an excerpt from the report's introduction:

Imagine a welcoming, accessible space with staff well-prepared to provide mentoring, support, student assistance, and an array of community and interdisciplinary contacts to a new faculty member in any field who is interested to learn about community-engaged research. Imagine a campus that partners equally with modestly- funded social justice, civil rights, humanistic, and violence-prevention community organizations and with industry and governmental entities that bring in major gifts and research contracts. Imagine a campus in which every graduate has a working understanding of concepts like “civic democracy” and has had the chance to apply for a community-engaged service scholarship that would allow them to work with a professor on a community partnership. Imagine a campus in which each and every graduating senior has completed a capstone, working with both a faculty member and a community partner. Imagine a rambling old house at the edge of campus (with free parking and a bus stop!) where community partners, faculty, and graduate students come to meet, use the library, join monthly discussions, or participate in a 2-year endowed faculty engaged fellows program designed to boost interdisciplinary, community-based research across a wide variety of fields leading to multiple products, scholarly and otherwise, benefiting the local community.

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