Student Assistants and Interns

The Anne Braden Institute will be hiring new Student Interns and Graduate Assistants starting Fall 2022. Please look out for more information coming soon.

Barbie Johns (Fall 2021–present)

Barbie Johns is a third-year PhD student in Pan-African Studies. She received her master’s from Walden University in human and social service and her undergraduate degree at UofL in PAS. She has also served seven years in the Kentucky National Guard and is a mother of two. 

Laura Rodriguez-Figueredo (2022-present) 

Previous Graduate Assistants and Interns

Benjamin Harlan (Summer 2021–Fall 2021)

Flora Schildknecht (Fall 2021)

Alexis Crook (2018–2019)

Jerika Jones (2018–2019)

Lizz Perkins (2018–2019)

Tara Sexton (2018–2019)

Amber Seay (2017–2018)

Laura Valentine (2017–2018)

Kelly Weaver (2016–2018)

Undergraduate Interns and Work-Study Students (Past and Present)

Logan Muse (2016–present)

Cayenne Campbell (2014–2016)

Amina Ahmed (2010–2014)

Katy Campbell (2012–2013)

Stephanie Kaufman (2012–2013)

Makayla Moore (2012–2013)

Carissa House-Dunphy (2009–2012)

Raven Darko-Mensah (2010–2011)

Jenna Williams (2009–2010)

Toma Lynn Smith (2008–2009)

Adam Elmaghraby (2007–2008)

Robert Bell (2006–2007)