Minor in Art or Art History

Any student can apply for a minor in Art or Art History. Students do not have to be admitted to the College of Arts & Sciences to be admitted for the minor. They can be enrolled in the Speed School, the College of Business, or any other college at the University of Louisville.

Minor in Art

A minor in art is 24 hours and includes the four courses at the foundations level (ART 105, 106, 107 and one course at the 200 level selected from ART 206 or 207), and four courses at the 300-level in introductory studio areas. Please note that the minor is mixed media and does not allow students to concentrate.

Minor in Art History

A minor in Art History is 18 hours and includes two 200-level art history survey courses (select from ARTH 250, 270, or 290), 9 hours at the 300-level or above including one course from each of these areas: Pre 1750, After 1750, and Non-Western; and a 3 hour art history elective at the 500-level.


Students may apply for minor via ULink.