BA in Art

Bachelor of Arts in Art

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The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a mixed-media degree primarily intended as a program for art students who wish to receive a broad experience in studio practice within the context of a liberal arts education.


In addition to University-wide and College of Arts & Sciences requirements, students are required to complete the following within the Department of Fine Arts:

  • Foundations curriculum (four courses; 12 hours);
  • Four Studio Art courses at the 300-level in different studio areas (12 hours);*
  • Two Studio Art courses at the 500-level (6 hours);*
  • Two 200-level Art History survey courses, and one 300-level or above Art History course (9 hours);
  • ART 599: Studio Art Undergraduate Capstone Seminar; CUE (for students entering Fall 2014; 1 hour).

* Courses can be taken in the areas of: painting, drawing, glass, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, fibers, interior design, and special topics (see online schedule of courses for current offerings).

Note: A grade of "D" in any department course 300-level or above may not be used to fulfill a departmental requirement.

Note: Only 40 hours in the major department may be applied toward the Bachelor of Arts degree.


All students who wish to be admitted to the Department of Fine Arts as a major or minor in Studio Art or Art History must submit an Application for Admission to Department of Fine Arts to the Department of Fine Arts. To qualify for admission to the department students must be admitted to the University in Good Standing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above. Students applying for admission to the minor in art or art history must already be admitted to a major.

Completing the BA in Art

Completion of this program requires work to be submitted for the department's Learning Outcome Measurement. To meet this requirement, graduating seniors must submit eight images from their 300-level studio art courses, a statement, and complete a short questionnaire. For more information contact the department.