Foundations Program

The Foundations program at the Hite Art Institute serves as the core for all studio and design areas. Its purpose is to prepare students for advanced study in any of the studio or design disciplines and to help them develop a professional attitude about art.

The program consists of three Foundations courses at the 100 level: 

  • ART 105 Foundation 2D Design:
    Investigation of line, form, value, color and composition in two-dimensional exercises.
  • ART 106 Foundation 3D Design:
    Investigation of line, form, space, light, color, and composition in three-dimensional exercises.
  • ART 107 Foundation Drawing:
    Study of the basic elements of drawing including line, value, mark-making and composition. Coursework may include work from nude models.

Plus ONE Foundation course at the 200 level (students select the 200 level course most appropriate to their course of study. See an academic advisor for assistance):

  • ART 205 Foundation Design Methods: 
    Fundamental methods of solving visual communication problems found in the design arts with an emphasis on clarity and immediacy of the solution for a general audience. This course is required for students who intend to apply for the BFA program in Graphic Design.
  • ART 206 Foundation Art Concepts and Methods: 
    Introduction to concepts and methods in the visual arts. This course utilizes creative and critical thinking to examine and explore a range of critical orientations and interpretive processes in the creation and understanding of meaning across studio disciplines.
  • ART 207 Foundation Figure Drawing: 
    Study from the human figure in various media; consideration of other basic drawing problems. Coursework may include work from nude models. For students planning further study in the areas of Drawing, Painting, and/or Printmaking.

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