Advising Resources for Students

Academic advising at the University of Louisville is an ongoing, intentional, educational partnership dedicated to student academic success. The University is committed to an academic advising system that guides students to discover and pursue life goals, supports diverse and equitable educational experiences, advances students' intellectual and cultural development, and teaches students to become engaged, self-directed learners and competent decision makers.

Unit Advising Centers

Each individual undergraduate unit at the University offers quality academic advising services and has developed its own system for advising. This page provides information on how to find and contact your academic advisor based upon your unit of enrollment.

Pre-Health Advising

For students interested in pursuing a career in a health care-related field (such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, etc.), pre-health advising is available. Students receive information on prerequisite coursework, admissions tests, and admissions requirements, standards, and procedures for the health care area of their choice. Interested students can also sign up to join a pre-health distribution list to receive e-mail notification of programming, scholarships, and other opportunities relevant to pre-health majors.

Transferring within the University

If you are a degree-seeking undergraduate student who is currently enrolled and you wish to transfer to another school or college within the University of Louisville (ex. a student enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences who wants to transfer to the College of Business) you should complete an intra-university transfer. This information is provided to simplify the process.

Academic Standing Information

The University places students into the following academic classifications: good standing, academic warning, probation, or suspension. The following pages will allow you to learn more about each of these classifications and how to work with your advisor to return to good standing.

Determining Your Academic Standing

If your cumulative GPA drops below the good standing requirement, you will be placed on academic warning. Following an academic warning, if you do not meet the specified GPA requirements, you will be placed on academic probation. You will be placed on academic suspension if your GPA still does not meet the GPA requirements following probation. You will receive an email notification when you have been placed  on academic warning, probation, or suspension. Use the charts found on this page to help you determine your academic standing based on the unit in which you are currently enrolled.

Undergraduate Catalog

The University catalog is the official source for all degree program and academic requirements as well as institutional policies and procedures. It is the document of authority for all students. The program requirements listed in the catalog supersede any information which may be contained in the bulletin of any school or department.

Majors & Programs

View a listing of all of the degrees and certificates offered at the University of Louisville.

Majors Fair Event

Still undecided on a major? Minor? Thinking of changing your major? Make plans to attend the annual University of Louisville Majors Fair event in the Fall. The Majors Fair provides students with an opportunity to meet with faculty and professional advisors to discuss a variety of possible majors as well as many available career opportunities connected to each major.

Flight Plan

Flight Plan is an exciting initiative that enables students to stay on course to graduate in four years or in the timeframe of their choice. Students will learn about majors and how they connect to careers and then select a Flight Plan that meets their interests and their level of skills.

Nominate your advisor for the Provost's Awards for Exemplary Advising

Show your appreciation by nominating your academic advisor for the Provost's Awards for Exemplary Advising. Nomination information can be found using the link above.

GPA Calculator

Use the GPA calculator to determine your projected semester GPA, your projected cumulative GPA, and identify the grades you need to achieve in future semesters to reach your target GPA.


View information regarding the frequently asked questions that many students often ask their academic advisors.