Nursing-Traditional BSN

Overview of Field

The nursing profession offers endless options for those seeking a rewarding career in healthcare. Registered nurses work in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, community clinics, schools, provider’s offices, correctional facilities, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, urgent care, and health departments to name a few. Registered Nurses also care for patients across the lifespan including expecting parents, newborns, pediatrics, adults, and the elderly. Registered Nursing programs prepare nurses as generalists with a foundation to obtain additional training to care for specialized patients in areas like neonatal intensive care units, critical care units, and the operating room, among others. Nursing is a highly marketable profession with high earning potential. Through additional preparation, registered nurses can become nurse practitioners, faculty, managers, researchers, and nurse anesthetists.

Career Exploration

Applying to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a 4-year degree in which students are admitted based on criteria outlined on the School of Nursing website dependent on if they are an incoming freshman or transfer student. Students are initially admitted into the lower division portion of the degree where they will complete university required general education courses along with nursing school prerequisites.

Admission to the upper division (Nursing School) portion of the degree occurs in the last semester of the students’ lower division. Admission to upper division is selective based on student program GPA of lower division course work. Admission to upper division takes place in the fall and in the spring terms. 100 spots are available each admission term. The application process is internal.

Pre-requisite Completion

The University of Louisville wants to support you with your career goals! Your Nursing degree can be completed through the University of Louisville, including all lower division prerequisites. There is also the option to complete lower division required courses at a community college prior to applying for the upper division portion of the degree. All equivalencies will be determined by the School of Nursing. If interested, please contact

Licensure Exam

Students wishing to become Registered Nurses for licensure must pass the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) after graduating with their BSN degree.

Getting Involved

UofL Student Involvement Recognized Student Organizations (RSO’s):

  • UL Nursing Student Council – Open to upper division students only
  • UL Chapter of Black Nurses Association- Open to lower and upper division students

These student organizations are active as of Fall 2023. You can find all active student organizations by visiting engage.

National Organizations & Resources

KY Chapter of National Student Nurses Association – open to upper division students only