Student Learning Outcomes for Advising

Academic advising learning outcomes are things the university expects you to know and be able to do as a result of your participation in the advising experience.

When you first arrive you will:

  • Begin to explore and research your academic and career interests as they apply to UofL and start to narrow those interests to an area of study
  • Understand the components of general education and how these components fit into your degree program
  • Understand the difference between academic advising and registration and how participating in the advising experience will assist you in meeting your academic and career goals
  • Know how to contact your academic advisor and understand the advisor’s role as a resource
  • Understand academic policies and procedures located in the undergraduate catalog and on ULink (i.e. drop/add dates, registration dates, and the academic calendar)
  • Understand academic standing and how to calculate your GPA
  • Read your UofL email daily and regularly check UofL and college/departmental websites

While you are here you will:

  • Select your Flight Plan with your advisor (second semester)
  • Complete and review your student planner in ULink
  • Monitor your academic status and your completion of Flight Plan
  • Know what your Flight Plan milestones are and ensure you are meeting them
  • Check your UofL transcript on a regular basis and follow your Flight Plan
  • Ask questions and meet with your advisor on a regular basis
  • Make final decisions regarding the choice of a major and course selections
  • Research possible internships, career options, and service learning opportunities
  • Understand and comply with any university or college deadlines, such as when to apply for a degree
  • Review your advisement report in ULink each semester
  • Adjust your student planner in ULink as needed
  • Develop relationships with UofL faculty and staff

As you approach graduation you will:

  • Continue to build and strengthen relationships with faculty and staff
  • Review your advisement report in ULink and adjust your student planner if needed
  • Prepare your resume and strengthen your interviewing skills
  • Connect with the Career Development Center to prepare for a job search or apply to graduate school
  • Apply for your degree