Augmented Reality (AR) Thinker

Discover more about The Thinker's journey and then learn how you can make him part of your reality wherever you go.

Now, with our augmented reality (AR) Thinker, you can keep a piece of UofL with you wherever you are. You can snap a photo with the AR Thinker in your house, backyard, even with your friends and fellow Cardinals fans. If you want to be in a photo with the AR Thinker, have someone ready to take your photo for you. (He’s a little shy when it comes to selfies, but he loves photo bombs.)

How to take a photo with the AR Thinker

  1. Open this page on your mobile phone. Click on the white icon at the bottom right of the black box with the 3D model of the Thinker statue in it to launch the AR Thinker.
  2. Move your phone around until the Thinker lands in the frame.
  3. Get creative! Throw your L, pose pensively or simply smile.
  4. Tap the white button at the bottom center of the screen to take the photo.
  5. Voila! Your photos will be automatically saved to your camera roll.

Extra credit: Share your photos on social media with #UofLThinker so we can see all the amazing things he and our Cardinal Community are up to beyond our campus.

Think of the ways you can use the AR Thinker

  • Commemorate special events such as graduation.
  • Pose with him after finishing a virtual tour of campus to picture yourself as a fellow Cardinal.
  • Bring the Thinker into your workspace, adding a bit of UofL flair while you work remotely.
  • Create a little friendly competition among coworkers, family and friends to see who can take the most creative picture with the Thinker.

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