Meet Our Staff

Bronwyn T. Williams, Director

I love to write and to teach writing and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work in the University Writing Center. Writing is the way we connect our ideas, emotions, and lives with one another. It is essential to the intellectual life and to communicating our common humanity. As a teacher I believe that the only way to teach effectively is to listen carefully to what students have to say and work with their writing so it expresses their ideas, not ours. Our goal as writing teachers is to help students develop a rhetorical awareness that will allow them to negotiate the unfamiliar writing and reading situations they encounter both inside the university and beyond. I also believe that writing can be pleasurable and fulfilling, even as it is hard work. I have had a broad range of teaching experiences in composition and rhetoric, literature, creative writing, popular culture, and journalism. My personal webpage is at


Adam Robinson,  Associate Director

Adam attended the University of Louisville and has worked for the University since 2006 as a Writing Center Consultant, Part-time Lecturer in the English Department, Academic Counselor in the College of Arts and Sciences, and now as Associate Director of the Writing Center.  When he has time, Adam likes to hike, play guitar, and play softball.

Robin Blackett, Program Assistant, SR.

Robin is a longtime Louisvillian by way of Los Angeles. She enjoys reading mysteries and cooking. She considers it great fun working in the Writing Center and meeting all the diverse people who work in and use the Writing Center.

Ashly, Assistant Director

Ashly is a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric and Composition program. Her dissertation examines representations of United States military personnel in popular culture, social media, and other shared spaces. When not working hard on her dissertation, she spends her time watching action or sci-fi films, playing video games, and reading YA adventure novels. And though she’s originally from Texas, she loves Louisville and Cards basketball.

Jessica, Assistant Director

I’m a PhD student in Rhetoric & Composition and Assistant Director of the University Writing Center. I’m from Ohio and have studied and taught writing at Ohio State, Eastern Michigan University, and here at U of L. I love working with people on their writing, and I’m grateful for the daily opportunity to share in the fun of learning with the writers I meet. When I’m not teaching or tutoring, I’m at work on a project involving public perceptions about college students and their writing.

Meghan, Assistant Director for Graduate Student Writing

Meghan is a second year PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition.  She is currently the Assistant Director of Graduate Student Writing at the Writing Center and tutors at both the Belknap and Health Sciences Campuses.  Meghan is originally from Bangor, Maine and went to UMaine as an undergraduate and UMass Boston as a Master’s student.  In her free time, she likes traveling, singing, and writing music.   

Jennifer, Assistant Director of the Virtual Writing Center

Jennifer is a third-year PhD student researching Latino migrant worker literacy practices and sponsorship. She also volunteers as a technology instructor at the Backside Learning Center at Churchill Downs. A Texas native, she received her MA in English with a Rhetoric and Composition focus from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. Other academic interests include rural/agrarian literacies, as well as petro-rhetoric/literacies of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) communities.


Alex is a first-year MA student hailing from somewhere between Buffalo, NY and various parts of the United Kingdom. She is already aware that she has a funny accent. In an ideal world, she would write and publish novels, but in the real world, she aspires to be an archival librarian. In her free time, she enjoys hockey, watching Doctor Who, thinking about crazy Victorians, listening to all sorts of music, and having existential crises. She won't bite unless provoked, kind of like a tarantula but less poisonous (and with far fewer legs).


I am a first-year master's student in the English program, with the intention of focusing on rhetoric and composition. I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a bachelor's degree in Writing & Linguistics in 2011. As a new-comer to the city of Louisville, I spend most of my time driving around the city and getting lost. When I'm not wandering the city, you can also find me drinking espresso and watching Doctor Who.


Carly was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and received her B.A. in English from The Ohio State University. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in English with a focus in Rhetoric. Carly enjoys reading poetry, hip-hop dancing, public speaking unprepared, and snuggling with her corgi, Gatsby. She believes that, with coffee, all things are possible.


Dan is a first year M.A. student from Cincinnati who recently received his B.A. in English from Hanover College.  In order to avoid a life of waiting tables and muttering Marxist screeds, he is pursuing a Rhetoric and Composition degree so that he can teach and tutor writing forever!  He vastly prefers the city of Louisville to his old hometown, though he misses his dog and his mother's lasagna.  In his spare time he enjoys riding his bike, playing the guitar, drinking cold glasses of stout, and reading fiction, philosophy, and poetry.


I’m a Louisville native and a 2012 graduate of U of L with degrees in English and Modern Culture. My academic interests are broad; my senior thesis explores film, but my master’s work will likely focus on language and rhetoric/composition studies. Before beginning graduate school, I worked at a publishing company and tutored high school students in a range of subjects. I like reading, hip-hop, and well-crafted beer. I play bass in a band called Mote.


I am a 2012 graduate of Vanderbilt University with degrees in English and Psychology.  After spending a year working and reminding myself what I was missing, I am excited to once again immerse myself in academic pursuit.  I enjoy good food, good company, and the great outdoors.


Jamison is a first year master's student at the University. He received his undergraduate degrees in English & Humanities from the University of Louisville in 2013. He is an avid reader of science fiction, urban fantasy novels, and philosophy; he is also a part time Larper, and Comic book fan.  Jamison is also deeply interested in food, having made it a personal mission to eat at almost every Louisville food truck, which he has nearly accomplished, and he has learned to cook a variety of cuisines from places other than his original home in California.


Layne was born right here in Louisville, Kentucky and received her BA in English from Bellarmine University where she also minored in philosophy. She is thrilled to be at the University of Louisville working towards her master’s degree. Her academic interests include composition theory, digital learning, and gender studies. She hopes to continue her education through the doctorate level and someday teach courses in topics such as critical theory and advanced composition. In her spare time she loves to cook, travel, and spend time with her family and fiancé.


Megen is a second year MA student and two-year resident of Louisville. This is her third writing center to staff, and by far her favorite job to date. Over the summer, she spent time working at Southern Seminary's writing center working with Korean PhD students. She hopes to one day teach rhetoric and composition at a university. Other than reading for class, Megen enjoys writing fiction, going on hikes with her husband, and playing with her pit bull, Meika.


I am a recent graduate from Chapman University, and am pursuing a master’s degree in English. My current academic interests are post-colonial theory and rhetorical theory. I was born in New York, was raised in Dallas, did my undergraduate work in Orange County, and am now excited to settle down (for as long as possible) in Louisville.