Women 4 Women Student Board

This is a women's professional board that prepares women to become leaders on campus and in the community. The focus of this board's programs are on health, education, and leadership of women. Contact us to learn more or to apply!

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Our Major Programs


College Women's Leadership Conference

Human Trafficking Awareness Conference

International Women's Day



Women 4 Women Student Board

President Aaisha Hamid

Vice President Katie Faith

Treasurer/$tart $mart Chair Aamina Hamid

Secretary Tailore McLellan

Advisor Valerie M. Casey

Liasion Jamieca Jones

Membership Chair Rabia Qadir

Human Trafficking Awareness Conference Co-Chair Brigid Connelly

Human Trafficking Awareness Conference Co-Chair Bailey Thomas

International Women's Day Co-Chair Kaelin Black

International Women's Day Co-Chair Nadia Hamid

Self-Defense Workshop Chair Kaitlyn McClain

Whitney Wilson

Rebecca Lepovsky

Kara Hendrix

Sarah Baer

Caroline Miller

Yeva Ashurova