American Association of University Women at the University of Louisville (AAUW at UofL)

American Association of University Women (AAUW) - UofL, the first AAUW student organization in Kentucky, prepares women to become leaders on campus and in the community and take action. The focus of this organization's programs are women in STEM, pay equity, women in politics and more. Apply to be a member today!

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AAUW at UofL Executive Board & Members

President - Olivia King

Vice President - Hannah DePriest

Sectary - 

Treasurer - Katherine Hicks-Chambers 

Advisor - Valerie M. Casey 

Liaison - Jamieca Jones

P.R./Social Media Chair - 

Elect Her Chair – OPEN POSITION

Start Smart Salary Negotiation Chair – OPEN POSITION

Our Major Programs

Equal Pay Day

$tart $mart

Elect Her

Tampon Task Force

Women's Unity March


Other Programs


National Conference for College Women Student Leaders