Template Designs

  • Offer free designs that cover ~80% of the types of sites at UofL
  • Provide flexibility in layout to accommodate addition or subtraction of Bootstrap elements
  • Strike a balance between consistent 'blocks' of info and still maintain a uniqueness about each design
  • Uphold the 2012 Brand Platform elements

  1. test

    Internal Organization Theme

    • Internal audience
    • Data-intense
    • No need for heavy marketing


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  2. test

    Department Theme

    • External audience
    • Mix of marketing & data
    • Easy to degrade


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  3. test

    One-Page Marketing

    • Mixed audience
    • Heavy marketing, selling services
    • Promotional


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  4. test

    One-Page Faculty Profile

    • louisville.edu/faculty/userid
    • One page CV
    • Limited but effective use


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  5. test

    Simple Left Nav

    • Mixed audience
    • Few bells & whistles
    • Easy, straight out of the box


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  6. test

    Prime Time Marketing

    • External audience
    • Heavy marketing
    • Promotional with content


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