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Dr. Lluís Baixauli-Olmos 

Education: B.A. in Translation Interpreting, Master’s in Education, PhD in Interpreting Studies from Universitat Jaume I (Spain)

Hometown: Alcàsser, Valencia, Spain

Years at UofL: Since 2013

Research Interests: professional ethics of interpreters, codes of ethics, professional role of interpreters, bibliometrics of interpreting studies.

What movie or book should everyone doing social justice work know about? 1984, Animal Farm, and Marx’s Capital. “All of those books talk quite a bit about political power and oppression between classes and government. Modern oppressions in the West may be less evident and more structural, but I think those books give people an understanding of how oppression works, sometimes visibly, but sometimes in much less visible ways.”


Read more about  Dr. Lluís Baixauli-Olmos here.

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