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Q.  How do I file a claim for damaged furniture, equipment or office supplies?

A.  Go to the Risk Management web site at http://louisville.edu/riskmanagement/emergency-flood-claims  and complete the claim form.   Forward the form to the Risk Management service account in Groupwise:   RISKMGMT@louisville.edu


Q.  Can I throw away flood damaged furniture, equipment or office supplies?

A.  Risk Management will advise if flood damaged items can and be discarded.  Make sure your claim form has been completed and sent to Risk Management.   Risk Management will approve the claim and give you instructions regarding the disposal of the damaged items.


Q.  What other items can I include on the claim form other than furniture, equipment, or office supplies?

A.  Some of the additional items are:  employee time spent on flood related issues, equipment rented and university fleet vehicles used, time running idle and mileage.  Complete the Report Damages Form and send to RISKMGMT@louisville.edu


Q: Is UofL eligible for FEMA reimbursement?
A: Yes, detailed information is required for federal reimbursement.  Complete the Report Damages form and submit to RISKMGMT@louisville.edu.


Q: How will ServPro communicate work done in my unit? 
A: Reports from ServPro will be done by unit and forwarded by Risk Management to the unit.  Units need to place the information on Damage Report form along with other claim items and forward to RISKMGMT@louisville.edu.


Q: When should I submit the Report Damages form/s?
A: As soon as possible after damage assessment has completed.  If ServPro did not work CARM does not need to review damage.


Q: Are delivery and installation fees covered by insurance?
A: No.  However, some of these expenses may be FEMA reimbursable.  Include information on delivery and installation on the Damage Report Form.


Q: Are extended warranties and service/maintenance agreements covered?
A: No.  Units should charge these costs directly to unit speed types.


Q: How far out can damages be claimed?
A:  As soon as possible is preferred.  Understanding that some projects, such as the restoration of damage records, may take longer to complete, please contact Risk Management to communicate anticipated timelines so that claims processing can be planned accordingly.


Q: Will the university cover my damaged personal items?
A: No.  Personal items are not covered by the university insurance (i.e. no premium is paid to cover personal items). Employees should try to recover reimbursement through personal insurance.  Employees may also contact FEMA, whether damage was on or off campus, at at 1-800-621-3362 or TTY 1-800-462-7585 to apply for federal assistance. The agency will make funding decisions on a case-by-case basis.




Q.  What speed type do I use to purchase furniture, equipment or office supplies that were damaged by the flood?

A.  After approval from Risk Management is received, charges will be made to J5804.  All purchases made to replace damaged items must be made using the ePro “non-catalog” requisitioning process in PeopleSoft.  Purchase categories specific to insurance must be used.  Type “Insurance” in the category description to identify appropriate options.  Requisitions for items that have not previously been reported on a Risk Management damage report form will be denied.


Q.  What speed type do I use to address infrastructure damage to facilities?

A.  Physical Plant and Risk Management are coordinating the infrastructure damage issues.  Facility damage should be reported to Physical Plant work control at 852-6241.


Q: What if materials were purchased prior to J# creation?
A: Submit Damage Report form, and invoice to Risk Management.  If materials are approved for repair/replacement by insurance then an IUT will need to be prepared to move the expense to J5804 and appropriate back up sent to Risk Management. 




Q.  Can I use the ProCard to purchase furniture to replace flood damaged furniture?

A.  No.    Flood damaged items need to be tracked and claims filed, so ProCards cannot be used to purchase replacement furniture. 


All purchases made to replace damaged items must be made using the ePro “non-catalog” requisitioning process in PeopleSoft.  Purchase categories specific to insurance must be used.  Type “Insurance” in the category description to identify appropriate options.  Requisitions for items that have not previously been reported on a Risk Management damage report form will be denied.


Q. If the vendor I would like to purchase from is in CardMart, may I use that method of ordering?

A. No.  Since flood damaged items are being tracked separately than all other orders, you can only place your order using the “non-catalog” tab in PeopleSoft eProcurement.


Q.  What vendors can I use to place furniture orders, or can I just go to a local store and buy furniture?

A.  Purchasing has established a list of vendors for the most commonly damaged items, including vendor contact information and contract numbers when needed.  This page can be accessed at:


Please call Purchasing at 852-6247 if you have specific vendor questions.


Q.  Can we rent furniture from local stores on a temporary basis?

A.  To be determined.  This issue is currently being reviewed with the insurance adjuster.  Units with immediate issues should contact Risk Management, 852-6925 or RISKMGMT@louisville.edu, regarding the specific situation.


Q.  Is there surplus equipment available?

A.  There is some furniture available in Surplus.  Purchasing is also working with the State of Kentucky and other institutions to determine what is available for short-term use.   To inquire about availability from these sources, please call Don Lomax or David Jenkins at 852-6131. 


Q: What if original purchase data is unavailable?
A: Provide Risk Management as much information as possible regarding the purchase, quality and type of item to be replaced. 


Q: What if I want to change the type of furniture/equipment rather than replacing with “like kind and quality?”
A: On Damage Report form provide like kind and quality replacement information.  When the actual replacement is ordered only the reimbursable amount should be charged to J5804.  Additional amounts should be charged directly to unit program/s.


Q: My furniture will not be in for 4-6 weeks what will I do?
A: Contact Surplus for temporary furniture.


Q: What if I replace my damaged furniture/equipment with something that is less expensive than a like kind and quality replacement? 
A: The unit should contact Risk Management to review the specific situation. 




Q: What do we do with damaged golf carts? How to dispose?
A: Contact Risk Management regarding damaged golf carts and other damaged vehicles.  Risk Management will advise on disposition after consulting with the insurance adjuster.


Q: How to manage damage to leased copiers?
A: Call IT to report damaged machine.


Q.  Who do I contact for flood related issues?

A.  The following is a contact list for the different areas addressing flood recovery:   

                Risk Management - 852-6925

·         Insurance coverage and Report Damages Form questions


Physical Plant – 852-6241

·         Report building infrastructure damages


Information Technology - 852-7997

·         Report information technology issues related to the flood damage


Purchasing – 852-6247

·         Purchase order,  vendor and surplus questions



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