Coulter Application Process

Information on applying for a Coulter Translational Partnership grant at the University of Louisville.

The pre-proposal is designed to address a series of questions focusing on objectives and methods that provide introductory information to the selection committee.

The pre-proposal format (two-page limit, 12-point font, with one-inch margins) will address the following:

      • Describe the product/idea you are proposing for this Coulter Award. Does it address an unmet clinical need?
      • Who are the co-PIs (engineer and clinician) for this new idea/development? Describe the collaborative relationship.
      • Describe the market for this product and any competitive products currently in use. What is the gold standard?
      • How is your product unique and is it patentable? If not patentable is other proprietary protection likely?
      • List current funding and pending proposals for each co-investigator relative to this product/idea.

For the pre-proposal to be considered, a Research Disclosure Form must be filed with the Office of Technology Transfer. Applicants should complete the two-page pre-proposal.


Full proposal submissions are by invitation only. Applications may follow one of two pathways:

      • Bootcamp and Elevator Pitch (preferred): By attending bootcamp training sessions, teams are eligible to give a five-minute elevator pitch to the Oversight Committee in lieu of complete written full proposals.  Teams must submit executive summary, budget, budget justification, milestones and CVs along with the elevator pitch.
      • Written proposal: Teams may submit a 6-page written proposal in lieu of bootcamp and pitch.  Teams must also submit executive summary, budget, budget justification, milestones and CV's. 

The Coulter Oversight Committee will select final candidates from those submitting full proposals. If your proposal is selected, your team will be invited to give a more in depth oral presentation to the Coulter Oversight Committee. The Committee will select awardees from this final group.