Environmental Purchasing Report 2013

Recycling Programs (Diverted from Landfill)

422,578 pounds of Office Waste Paper were shredded through contract with Shred-It.

      • Increase of 6% from 2012
      • Represents 2112 trees saved


74,239 pounds of Electronic Scrap was recycled through contract with GES.

      • Increase of 31% from 2012


2,047 Toner Cartridges were recycled through contract with Clover Technologies.

      • Decrease of 19% from 2012


1,683,640 pounds recycled through Single Stream Recycling Program through QRS.

      • Increase of 1% from 2012


Office Supplies and Printing Services

Over 17,000 Office Supplies items are offered with a recycled content of 30% to 100%.

      • 26% of all Office Supply Products purchased by UofL Departments had a recycled content.  This represents a total of 8118 items.
      • 58% of all Core List (>1200 items) contain a recycled content


2,853 Recycled Toner Cartridges were purchased in 2013.

      • All Toner Cartridges are required to be remanufactured if available


78,800 Reams of recycled Copy Paper was purchased in 2013.

7,700 Reams of recycled paper used in University Print Shop had a recycled content of at least 30%.

      • Contract with outside Printing Firms required the use of a minimum 30% recycled content.


UofL Stores Department

Paper Products (Towels, Tissue, Envelopes, etc.) carry a Recycled Content from 30% to 50%.

Carpet from Mohawk meets Carpet and Rug Institute Indoor Air Quality Program and contains a recycled content.

All Cleaning Chemicals and Products are Green Seal Certified by both University Physical Plant Department and Contract Vendors.

Other products with a recycled content:  Trash Can Liners, Trash Cans, Microfiber Mop Heads, Brooms, Buffing Pads.


Other Environmental University Reporting

New Construction and Major Renovation Projects are designed for LEED Certificat;ion.

Construction Firms required to recycle construction waste.

      • Stricter requirements being developed for Contractor compliance


All purchases of Computer Equipment and Appliances are required to be Energy Star Compliant.

      • New University purchase practices being considered for stricter requirements


All materials (Dorm Furniture and Convector Units) removed from dorms during Mold Remediation at Miller and Threlkeld Halls were recycled or donated to Habitat for Humanity.  Nothing was sent to landfill.

All new purchases of Vehicles other than Emergency Vehicles and Grounds Equipment are required to be Flex Fuel Compliant under DOE directive.


Coming in 2014

Testing of a Re-Usable Tote Program for delivery of office supplies to Departments will be initiated in 2014.

Evaluation of Delivery Free days on Campus to reduce University Carbon Footprint.


Established Programs

Partnership for a Green City

GES Recyclables

QRS Recycling

Shred-It Services

Clover Technologies