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Sabbatical Leave Policy


Redbook Sec. 4.3.5.

The sabbatical leave is recognized as a serious professional responsibility and shall be
utilized for activities that will improve the faculty member’s contribution to the
University’s missions. A tenured faculty member who has six contract years of full-time
service at the University of Louisville may petition for a sabbatical leave of absence for
one-half contract year on full pay or for one contract year on one-half pay. Faculty
members on twelve-month appointments may receive six months of leave with full pay or
twelve months’ leave with one-half pay. No more than one year of leave, as defined in
Sections 4.3.6 and 4.3.7, may be counted as years of service toward sabbatical leave. The
University shall make every effort to approve all appropriate applications. Sabbatical
leave shall be granted only upon the approval of the dean (and the Vice President for
Health Affairs, where appropriate), the Provost, and the President. No leave will be
granted without the guarantee of at least one year of continued full-time service after
return from the sabbatical leave.




1. The eligible faculty member shall submit to the department chair a detailed description
of the activities and objectives proposed for the leave period. If the faculty member has
commitments as a result of grants or contracts, the request must state how those
commitments will be fulfilled.

2. The department chair shall evaluate the proposal and, if approved, forward it with an
evaluation and endorsement to the Dean. The chair shall also specify how the
responsibilities normally filled by the faculty member will be met.

3. The Dean shall evaluate the proposal and consider the potential of the applicant to
complete the proposed sabbatical program. The Dean shall also assure that the faculty
member’s leave will not be detrimental to the operation of the unit. If the faculty member
holds a joint appointment, the appropriate Dean must also review and endorse the request.
If approved, the Dean should forward the sabbatical request with an endorsement to the
University Provost. The Provost will approve or disapprove the request.

4. When the faculty member returns from sabbatical leave, he or she must submit to the
Dean a detailed report concerning the completion of the sabbatical program. The Dean
shall provide a written assessment to the faculty member of how well the faculty member
met the objectives of the sabbatical program. A copy shall be retained in the individual’s
personnel file, and such reports are to be considered by the Dean in evaluating future
requests for sabbatical leave.

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