Ruth Staten, PhD, APRN-CS-NP

Ruth Staten, PhD, APRN-CS-NP

Ruth Staten, PhD, APRN-CS-NP

Ruth Staten, PhD, APRN-CS-NP

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Associate Professor



Educational Background

  • 1975 - BSN, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY
  • 1982 - MSN, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  • 1996 - PhD, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  • 2011 - Postmaster's Certificate, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

Professional Memberships

  • Sigma Theta Tau
  • American Nurses' Association
  • Kentucky Nurses' Association
  • Southern Nurse Research Society
  • American Psychiatric Nurses Association

Recent Publications

Butler, K., Hahn, E., Rayens, M.K., Adkins, S. & Staten, R. (2012).  Smoke-free policy and alcohol use among undergraduate college students.  Public Health Nursing, 29(3), 2560-65.

Mahmoud, J.S., Staten, R.R., Hall, L.A., and Lennie, T.A, (2012).  The relationships among young college students' depression, anxiety, and stress and their demographics, life-satisfaction and coping style.  Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 22, 103-116

Adams, S.M., Peden, A.R., Hall, L.A., Rayens, M.K., Staten, R.R. & Leukefeld, C.G. (2011).  Predictors of retention of women offenders in a community-based substance abuse treatment program.  Journal of Addictions Nursing, 22, 103-116

Staten, R.R. (2011).  Can we curb substance abuse in college students?  American Nurse Today,6(9).

Strakowski, S.M., Gunderson, D., Reinhardt, D.J., & Staten, R.R, (2011).  Medscape Psychiatry.Where has Psychotherapy Gone?  Posted 8/18/11.

Mahmoud, J.S.R., Hall, L.A., & Staten, R. (2010).  The Psychometric Properties of the 21-Item Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS-21) among a sample of young adults.  Southern Nurse Research Society On-line Journal.

Staten, R. (2010). Are we preparing our nursing work force to provide mental health promotion? Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing.23(4) 244-245.

Noland, M., Rayens, M. K., Riggs, R. S., Staten, R., Hahn, E., & Riker, C. (2011). Student and principal perceptions of school tobacco policy. American Journal of Health Education42(1), 41-49.

Hahn, E. J., Rayens, M. K., Ridner, S. L., Butler, K. M., Zhang, M. & Staten, R. R. (2010). Smoke-free laws and smoking and drinking among college students. Journal of Community Health,35(5), 503-511.

Staten, R. & Delaney, K. (2010). IOM releases report on preventing mental,emotional, and behavioral disorders among young people: Progress and possibilities. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 23(2), 117-118.

Delaney, K. & Staten, R. (2010). Mental health promotion and mental illness prevention. Nursing Clinics of North American, Mental Health, 45(4), 521-539.

Staten, R. &Peden, A.  (2010). Primary prevention: In support of parents. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 23(1), 42-43.

Recent Presentations:

Staten, R. & Phoenix, B (2012). Finding Our Voice: Building Advocacy Skill.  American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Pittsburgh, PA. (National)

Pessagno, R. & Staten, R. (2012). Perinatal Mood Disorders. American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Pittsburgh, PA. (National).

Staten, R., McGuinness, T., & Phoenix, B (2010). Building Advocacy Skills. American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2010, Louisville, KY. (National).

Staten, R., Beebe, L., Cheves, E., Matthews, J. & Rohr, J. (2010). A Community Mental Health Clinical Project to Promote Mental Health, Engage Undergraduate Students and Serve the Community American Psychiatric Nurses Association, Louisville, KY (National).

Staten, R. & Phoenix, B. (2009). Finding you own voice: Advocating for change. American Psychiatric Nurses Association. South Carolina. (National)

Johnson, M.Hamera, E., &Staten, R. (2009). A Review of the History, Status, and Future Steps for PMHN on the Consensus Model for APRN Regulation. Webinar. American Psychiatric Association, Arlington, VA. (National)

Staten, R. & Mahmoud. J.(2009, February). The Relationship of Substance Use and Selected Demographics and Mental Health Factors Among College Students. Southern Nursing Research Society Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD. (Regional)


Outstanding Alumnae, Eastern Kentucky University, Department of Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing


Certificate of Achievement, United States Army


Achievement Medal, United States Army


First Place Poster, APNA Education


LFUCG Mayor's Alliance Hall of Fame


Excellence in Service, College of Nursing, University of Kentucky


Teachers Who Make a Difference, University of Kentucky