Marcia J. Hern, EdD, CNS, RN

Marcia J. Hern, EdD, CNS, RN

Marcia J. Hern, EdD, CNS, RN

Marcia J. Hern, EdD, CNS, RN

Dean, Professor








  • EdD, University of Cincinnati
  • MSN, University of Cincinnati
  • BSN, Ohio State University

Teaching Areas

  • Parent-Child Nursing

Professional Memberships

  • 2007-present: American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)
  • 2000-present: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • 2008-present: Kentucky Nursing Consortium Committee (KNCC) Deans and Directors Group
  • 2008-present: Kentucky Team for Nursing Education Capacity (KYTNEC)
  • 2007-present: Kentucky Hospital Association CNOs and Deans
  • 2008-present: Kentucky Institute of Medicine

Recent Publications:

Hern, M., Keys, M., Goss, L. & Owens, H.  (2015). Facilitating adoption of informatics and meaningful use (MU) of electronic health records (EHRs) with nursing faculty. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 5(3), 118-126.

Hern, M., Johnson, B., Stogsdill, V., Alvey, C. & Chlebowy, D.  (2013). Enhancing a BSN workforce with the right partner and the best technology. Kentucky Nurse, April/May/June61, (2).

Hern, M. J., Nash, W. & Ridner, L. (2009). Nurse practitioner center to open spring, 2009. The Women’s Center News at UofL. Vol. 16, (3), 1, 6.

Hern, M., Beery, T., & Barry, D. (2006). Experiences of college-age youth growing up in a family with a genetic condition. Journal of Family Nursing, 12(2), 119-142. 

Hern, M., Weitkamp, T., Mason, D. & Vaughn, G. (2005). Creating an international education and practice exchange in the workplace. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 20(1), 34-44. 

Beery, T. & Hern, M. (2004). Genetic practice, education and research: An overview for advanced practice nurses. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 18(3), 126-132.

Recent Presentations:

Velasquez, C., Hern, M. (delivered presentation), Elzy, P., Mitchell, H., Burchett, M. Smith, M., & Perkins, N. (July 19, 2014). Interprofessional education: The future of nursing student clinical education. University of Portland School of Nursing Dedication Education Unit Conference, Portland, Oregon.

Hern, M. (October 19, 2012). Invigorating the CNS Amidst a Perfect Storm. Society for Clinical Nurse Specialist Education (SCNSE) invited keynote speaker. Louisville, KY. (oral presentation)

Chlebowy, D., Hern, M., Jackson, B., Kiehl, E., & Carrico, R. (2011). Emergency countermeasures staffing: Integrating students into community response. A collaborative project with the University of Louisville, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, AACN Baccalaureate Conference, St. Louis. (Competitively selected).

Chlebowy, D. Velasquez, C., Elzy, P. Adams, M J., & Hern, M. (2011). Innovative and cost-effective development and implementation of a nurse residency program: A collaborative effort of the University of Louisville School of Nursing and University of Louisville Hospital. AACN Baccalaureate Conference, St. Louis. (Competitively selected).

Ramsey, J. Wilhelm, M. & Hern, M. (July 31, 2009-August 1, 2009). Leading beyond your comfort zone: Is nursing recession proof? Presidential Outreach, Dallas, TX.

Hern. M. (July 30, 2009). Expanding our presence: UofL Board of Trustees retreat. Galt House, Louisville, KY.

Hern, M. (May19, 2009). Fireside Chat with the Dean. Owensboro Medical Health System. Owensboro, KY

Hern, M. (February 21, 2009). Women as health care leaders. Association of University Women. University of Louisville.

Hern, M. (February 18, 2009). Leading beyond your comfort zone. Jewish Hospital Nursing Leadership Team, Louisville, KY

Sheriff, S., Mancuso, P., Mobley, C. & Hern, M. (March 29-30, 2007). Presentation on The TWU CON DNP at The Doctor of Nursing Practice: Meanings & Models - A Meeting of Minds conference, Annapolis, MD, hosted by Drexel University.

Hern, M. (October 12-14, 2006) Presenter Experiences of college-age youth while growing up in a family with a recessive genetic condition and moderator for Family Health session. Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science conference, Washington D.C.

Hern, M. (October 13, 2006). Invited keynote speaker: Leading beyond your comfort zone. Children’s Hospital Association of Texas Conference, Dallas, TX.

Research Activity:

Academic Outreach Program.  Investigators: Hern, M. & Ridner, S. L. KentuckyOne Health Investment Program Grant.  2014-2017, KYOH#NURSFY15.

Hern, M., Hales, K., Indrigo, J., Hart, T. & Chlebowy. Enhancing diversity in accelerated nursing students (EDANS). Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing. 9/1/2013- 8/31/2014.

Carrico, R., Chlebowy, D., Jackson, B., Kiehl, E., & Hern, M. 2011-12. Emergency Countermeasure Dispensing Staffing Plan. Centers for Disease and Control (CDC). $299,588 Hern, M. (PI), Owens, H., Carrico, J., Goss, L., Kiehl, E., Mainous, R. 2010. Improving nursing care through e-health and clinical informatics. HRSA Congressional Initiative.

Hern, M. (PI), Mainous, R., Owens, H., Kiehl, E., Goss, L., Key, M. (2010).  Improving nursing care through clinical informatics and e-health"  HRSA Grant award, providing nursing faculty and University of Louisville Hospital nurses with development through national consultants on the use of clinical informatics and will provide additional equipment for clinical education with electronic health records, simulation and iPads.

Hern, M., (PI). Nash, W., Ridner, L. & Chlebowy, D. (2009). Facilitators and barriers  of a proposed nurse practitioner center. In-kind focus groups to School of Nursing.


125 Legacy Alumni - 125th anniversary celebration, University of Cincinnati College of Nursing


Top 100 - Transformers in Nursing and Health Care, Centennial Gala, Ohio State University College of Nursing


MediStar Award Finalist, A.O. Sullivan Award for Excellence in Education: Nurse Residency Program, University of Louisville Hospital


AACN Inaugural Wharton Executive Leadership Program


HERS Institute Leadership for Women in Higher Education Administration,University of Denver


Helene Fuld Fellow,American Association of Colleges of Nursing Leadership for Academic Nursing Program


Internship with James Plummer,University of Cincinnati