Piano Program for Children with ASD

What to expect from this program

The piano program at U of L Music Therapy Clinic will model specialized techniques and interventions successfully utilized by music therapist Kana Kamitsubo. The program is designed to teach piano skills while working on the individual goals and needs of children with learning disabilities, and special needs, especially those with ASD. A variety of instruments and therapeutic equipment are used, including the piano, as the child learns varying sub skills in a variety of domains, all while working at the child’s individual pace.

How it works:

Through the interaction with a trained music therapist, your child’s session may include singing, active music making, movement to music, musical games/stories, musical skill building and applied piano practice to work on individual needs and piano playing. The music therapist is trained in behavior modification and will implement a variety of techniques to help your child be successful in mastering skills along the way.

Does your child exhibit any of the following?

  • Impulsiveness
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Average attention span lasting less than 2 minutes
  • Little communication skills
  • Atypical social skills
  • Stereotypic movement

Projected Outcomes & Benefits May Include:

Learning Musicianship


  • Increased attention, and understanding of receptive and expressive language


  • Increased fine/gross motor skills


  • Increase eye contact
  • Increase involvement and participation


  • Improved coping skills to decrease agitation and self-stimulation
  • Increased self-esteem and quality of life through creative expression