Children with Developmental Disabilities

Who do we serve?

The clinic provides personally designed music therapy interventions for children with disabilities and special needs including autism, developmental delay, physical, mental and emotional disorders, and learning disabilities

Need areas addressed in treatment

Self-awareness, confidence, readiness skills, coping skills & social behavior

According to AMTA (2006), early intervention for activities of daily living (ADL) sets up a child with DD for success in the future

How does music therapy address the needs areas?

“Music therapy interventions can address development in cognitive, behavioral, physical, emotional, and social goals. Music therapy can also facilitate development with communication and sensorimotor goals” (AMTA, 2006).

Projected Outcome & Benefits:


  • Improved hand-eye coordination fine/gross motor skills


  • Improved learning, memory, behavior, impulse control
  • Improvement in acquisition and application of pre-academic and academic skills
  • Improved expressive and receptive language skills


  • Increase eye contact
  • Increase response to verbal and nonverbal cues


  • Improved coping and problem-solving skills
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Increased quality-of-life