Foreign Language Placement Exam

Students who wish to continue the study of a foreign language begun in high school must take a Placement Exam in order to be placed at the appropriate level. Students may be eligible to receive credit for any course placed out of by taking the course placed into.

The placement test may not be used to earn credit if the student already has received college or university level credit in Spanish (including AP Credit) at the University of Louisville or elsewhere. However, it may be taken by transfer students who wish to continue their study of the language in order to be placed into the appropriate course.

For foreign students whose previous academic work has been in a language other than English, the foreign language requirement for graduation will be waived automatically.

It is important that the student enroll in the designated course as soon as possible upon entering the University of Louisville in order to capitalize on language skills. For answers to frequently asked questions regarding placement exams, please see the Placement Exam FAQs.

All results are subject to departmental approval and policies. More information on the policies is included in the undergraduate catalog.