Language Waivers

Students who are native speakers of a language other than English may be eligible to waive the foreign language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences. A waiver simply means that the student has already fulfilled this particular requirement and, as such, need not take any additional coursework in foreign languages.

The waiver DOES NOT grant credit and it DOES NOT exempt the student from completing the necessary 121 credit hours for graduation. If a waiver is granted, the student must replace the designated hours of foreign language coursework with elective courses to complete the total minimum requirement for graduation.

There are two ways in which students can demonstrate their proficiency in a language other than English outside of the AP and CLEP exams, which do award credit.  The first is through documentation, the second is through testing.

Speakers of French, German, or Spanish who do not wish to take courses in those languages should take the CLEP exam in order to satisfy the language requirement as the CLEP exam awards credit.

Student should expect the processing of their requests to take a minimum of two weeks and, therefore should not leave this for the last minute (i.e., the week of graduation).

Students requesting a waiver must come to the department of Modern & Classical Languages office IN PERSON to submit the waiver request form that follows this information sheet as well as any required supporting documentation.

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