Former Residents

Former Residents

Recent Graduates of the University of Louisville Residency in Radiation Oncology

 Class of 2011

Andy Freeman - Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center - Huntington, WV

Class of 2012

Aashish Bhatt - Massachusetts General Hospital - Proton fellowship; Ohio State University - faculty

Matthew Harkenrider - Loyola University faculty - Program Director

Robert Johnson - Private practice - Palm Desert, CA

Class of 2013

John Crew - Manderson Cancer Center, Tuscaloosa, AL  (MD Anderson Cancer Network)

Kiwhoon Lee - Private practice - Quad Cities, IA

Class of 2014

Joseph Shaugnessy - University of Louisville faculty; Private practice - Cincinnati, OH

Class of 2015

Megan Mezera - University of Louisville faculty: Director of brachytherapy and assistant program director; MDACC Cooper U Health faculty

 Class of 2016

Parul Barry - University of Louisville faculty; Rush University faculty 

Neal Bhatt - Private practice - Detroit, MI

Class of 2017

Mark Amsbaugh - MD Anderson Cancer Center - proton fellowship; Private practice - Houston, TX

Matthew Bertke - Private practice - Savannah, GA

                                                                                    Class of 2018

Matthew Thurman - Private practice - Buffalo, NY