Timothy Balkaran Bio

Timothy Balkaran Bio

Name: Timothy Balkaran

Undergrad: University of Western Ontario

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

What you like about our program: There is a lot to like, but it all starts with the people. The faculty and staff are all very personable and are enthusiastic about both the learning and general well being of every resident. Additionally, the program is the perfect size, has fellowship opportunities, and has a great variety of rotations to learn from.



 What you love about our city: Growing up in Toronto area and having traveled a fair bit, I have developed a taste for food from all over the world. I was not

disappointed when I moved to Louisville. From the staple of southern BBQ, to authentic Thai, to Ethiopian, and of course the Bourbon trail, there is always a new flavor adventure. Who knew that a mid-sized Midwestern city would have so much culture.


Future Goals In Medicine: Become a psychiatric "expert" on a national news network.