Svetlana Famina Bio

Svetlana Famina Bio

Name: Svetlana Famina

Undergraduate Degree: University of Toronto, Canada

Medical School: Saba University School of Medicine, Netherlands-Antilles

What I like about Louisville: Louisville is a beautiful city with a truly great vibe. Having experienced many different cities both in the US and abroad; I can say with certainty that it is one of my favourite places to live and work in. Friendly people; safe, clean and family-oriented environment; gorgeous parks and hiking trails; a variety of restaurants and bars are only some of the items on the endless list of the things I love about this city. Louisville is incredibly versatile; there is something here for everyone, no matter what one’s tastes and interests are. Being artistic, I regularly take advantage of the city’s blossoming cultural life: music and art festivals take place here almost every week. Louisville’s geographic location makes domestic and international travelling easy and convenient, which is another plus for me since my family lives away. I am very much enjoying my current life here and hope to stay after finishing residency.

What I like about our program: Our program caters to every resident’s individual needs and truly makes an effort to ensure that everyone receives a lot of support throughout their progression in residency; and especially, in the first year. I came to Louisville from Canada, and my transition to the intern life was smooth and stress-free thanks to the great people in our program, including upper-level residents, faculty members, and administrative staff. Everyone here is very friendly, approachable and willing to provide guidance. The program is very-well organized and administrative issues are taken care of in an efficient manner. I receive all the reminders and updates on time which keeps me on track. I also like the structure of our current schedule. We start on the psychiatry service early in the intern year, which I am very excited about.

Career goal: I see myself working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. I am currently considering a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.