Ron McGavic Bio

Ron McGavic Bio

Name: Ron McGavic

Undergrad: University of Louisville

Medical School: Marshall University School of Medicine


What you like about our program: Friendly, accessible staff and faculty, stable, long term growth, large class of 9 residents, many fellowship opportunities.


What you love about our city: Being from the community I wanted to return to the area after living away for the past 7 years. Louisville offers many  opportunities afforded by a large city, but in a smaller, more accessible city. Louisville has a vibrant and flourishing arts community, wide array of parks and outdoor activities, and a nationally recognized culinary institute that provides a vast number of high quality local eateries including many ethnic choices. Louisville has a low cost of living which provides residents the opportunity to purchase a home that would simply not be possible in most large cities.






Future Goals In Medicine: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry