Post Graduate Year One

Post Graduate Year One

The educational goal during the PG 1 is to foster confidence and competence in the basic skills required to fulfill the physician's role, especially through experiences in internal medicine and primary care. Further, the psychiatric inpatient rotations focus primarily on basic skills of diagnosis and treatment planning in adult and geriatric patient populations.


The program is excited to have implemented team-based learning for our first year resident curriculum. Engaging in a combination of self-directed learning and increased interactive teaching styles are means by which our program is striving to dynamically educate our residents. Team-based learning exercises occur monthly for those first year residents on psychiatric rotations. For residents rotating off service, they have the ability to become immersed in the curriculum specific to each rotation.


In addition, first year residents engage in a weekly interviewing class directed by the program director. First year residents also meet with the chairman in a weekly seminar focusing on the therapeutic alliance.


The varied educational opportunities compliment each other, assuring that our first year residents will receive the foundation on which to proceed in training.