University of Louisville Hospital

University of Louisville Hospital

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This metropolitan university hospital is adjacent to the Health Sciences Center in downtown Louisville. The hospital is divided into two structures, the Ambulatory Care Building and the (inpatient) Concentrated Care Building. The hospital opened in April 1983 and provides 404 beds, of which 20 are set aside for psychiatric inpatients. This is a major teaching center for the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing. The house staff consists of more than 500 interns, residents, and fellows.

Inpatient Psychiatry Service

This acute service is a 20 bed adult unit, with a strong biological orientation. The service admits between 110-150 patients each month. The average length of stay is 5 to 10 days. Each resident maintains a caseload of approximately 8 patients. Patient treatment is team based. There is one attending psychiatrist and 2-6 junior residents. A senior resident works with the junior residents on the inpatient services to facilitate teaching and other educational experiences. The unit has social workers, psychologist support, psychiatric nurses and medical students. Team meetings are held daily. Staff are also available during the day for individual consultation. The research team conducts clinical research and residents have opportunities to learn from these activities.


Emergency Psychiatry

Residents assigned to the Emergency Psychiatry Service (EPS) both triage and provide brief treatment for adult patients of all diagnostic categories. The triage experience sharpens the resident's skill in determining when hospitalization is indicated, and the experience with brief treatment and crisis interventions teaches the resident how to stabilize those patients who need a level of care between hospitalization and traditional outpatient treatment. There is a five bed Holding Bed Unit (HBU) located in EPS where patients can remain for up to 24 hours. A multidisciplinary treatment team meeting is held in which patients in the HBU are reassessed and appropriate dispositions are made. EPS is the most active psychiatric emergency room in Kentucky. The service provides the resident with an intensive and invaluable firsthand look at available community psychiatry support.

Adult Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences has an active Adult Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry Service at University of Louisville and Norton hospitals. The team responds to approximately 150 new psychiatric consultation requests monthly and follows these cases during their hospital course. This coverage is provided throughout both hospitals daily to all non-psychiatric services' patients on a 24-hour/day basis. The team includes faculty, residents, students, and other trainees. Residents and students learn the skills of psychiatric consultation in a variety of environments to a diverse population of patients. The service emphasizes learning diagnostic skills at the bedside and providing concise recommendations. Advice about mental health issues includes psychiatric treatment, attending to substance abuse issues, and providing psychotherapy on coping skills in dealing with adversities. Effective communication in the liaison role to medical, nursing, social services, and hospital staff colleagues is stressed. Expanding knowledge about disposition options, legal aspects of medical care, and family intervention is integrated into the educational process.

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