Outpatient Experience

Outpatient Experience

Internal Medicine at the University of Louisville is an increasingly outpatient endeavor, and many national medical organizations have encouraged training programs to improve and augment residents' outpatient experiences.

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In recognition of this trend, and of the needs of our program's patients, we are continually seeking opportunities to expand outpatient clinical opportunities for our trainees.

Our program's primary outpatient continuity experience is in the "Continuity Clinic," an important piece of Jefferson County's medical safety net.

Each categorical resident builds a stable panel of primary care patients for which he/she is primarily responsible and attends clinic for a half day every week unless he/she is on an intensive care unit rotation or is on call on a ward team.

Weekly presence in clinic ensures a higher level of responsibility for one's patients and better continuity of care.

Outpatient practice is well-integrated into the three-year training curriculum. Residents complete a one month community primary care rotation and spend additional time at the Louisville VA Medical Center on the "PRIME" rotation, which is a mix of both primary care and subspecialty care experiences.